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Best pp Car list on-line racing

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 6' started by Oscar Luebbert, Jun 27, 2014.

  1. Hi guys i just finished the career mode and i started racing in on-line.

    what ive noticed is that in the lobbies the people is always changing PP restricionts, some of them just use road cars, other allowed race cars and such. and they are switching between races a lot!!
    for example: 450-550-650-400-500-650- etc.

    This is anoying because i dont have the correct car apparently and these guys are faster (i know i can beat them, i just need the propper car in each class).

    I need youre HELP to buy and equip (save money after all) road and race cars for the different PP clases; this beacuse I think the cars you earn in the career mode are not the best to race with other people.

    We can start the list from 400 going up in 50´s 400-450-500-550-600-650-700-750.....

    THANKS a lot for ure help

    PSN user: WASK5 :D
  2. Well, open lobbies in Gran Turismo is a maze by itself. I usually avoid them as I end up getting frustrated rather than enjoying the game. I prefer organised lobbies where there is a fixed selection of cars (sometimes one make), there are guidelines in tuning so all participants are on equal ground and everyone follows the rules of fair and clean racing. But enough with the prologue...

    You can't always have cars with fixed PP in your garage. What I do when being in a lobby with ex. 540 PP, is to search cars in my garage that are -/+ 40 PP of the required. Then I either reduce the horsepower with the limiter or add tuning parts respectively.

    There is no guideline for what car you want to choose but there are some cars that outrun others even with the same PP like the BMW M3 CSL. Recently I was in a lobby with 430 max PP. I picked a Toyota AE86 Levin and I was outrunned by far (one of my worse experiences). Then I switched to the Ferrari Dino and I was amazed by the fact that even though the track and the opponents' cars remained the same I easily won 3 times in a row with nobody being able to even catch me. That explains why I often see Dinos running in lobbies... I really can't explain how this is possible considering the fact that the PP system is accurate, taking into account all aspects and variables of a car. As you see there aren't strict guidelines. Just experiment and by all means avoid lobbies where they race street cars with racing soft tires, it's just disgusting and not fun at all (at least for me)... :sleep:

    PS: Be prepared for lower grip when online as the physics model is different than when racing offline. You may think that you found the perfect setup and finally tamed your MR beast only to find out that it's undrivable online. I prefer making a closed lobby myself (open to friends and not public) when I want to set up a particular car. :thumbsup:
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  3. thanks man!! that really helps ill do that -+40 cuz i was going nuts trying to buy cars and stuff like that.

  4. Can't you just tune your car and lower your power output to meet the PP limit? That's what I do in the career mode if I want to keep using a particular car.
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  5. It's the same thing. You can do whatever you want as long as your PP matches the limit.
  6. I usually stay off the public servers. But I find the 550pp or lower servers to be a heap of fun. If the host knows not to bow to idiots wanting to raise the pp limit/change tire limits thenbits a good server. The idiots get weeded out fast :)
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  7. agree 100% richard
  8. i was seing some set ups to star with and they talk about a initial final gear... where can i tune that thing??
  9. @Oscar Luebbert You can tune it by opening the transmission card. You can see it in the following link:

    I have made an Excel table identical to Praiano's table (a famous GT tuner) to keep my setups in my laptop. This is the template table where I just copy to different car files and I simply input the numbers. It might be useful as you have everything and there is no danger for your custom setups to be lost. ;)

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  10. ok thats usefull; though they talk about an "inital final gear" and in order to get the rigth gearings according to the set up you have to mach this number ... i dont really know where is this thing in the menu.... where do i set this up?? :D

  11. i already copied the exxel template thats very usefull dude!!! heheh THANKS!!