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Misc Bernd's cloud pack 1.0

40 cloud textures to enhance graphical visuals

  1. Bernd Graf submitted a new resource:

    Bernd's cloud pack - 40 cloud textures to enhance graphical visuals

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  2. These are so useful. I've been experimenting with different combinations and have achieved really exceptional results with the softer edged clouds scaled really large. The hard edge clouds don't work that well with this technique, but If you do continue to create more, some options with almost no outline edges would be great.

    Here are examples with your Storm Front B, and a lightly cloudy weather that I've been toying with.
  3. :inlove::confused:

    Storm B...WOW.

    Ever since Kunos changed to multi-layer clouds, it has never looked right, that screen...OMG what did you do? I've spent since last December doing graphical modding and I still can't get it to look like that :D. By softer edge clouds, do you mean the clouds from a particular category, or just any soft-edged cloud from the pack? Asking so I can narrow my searches to know what to look for in future :)
  4. Just picking and choosing any softer looking ones from the different categories. Let me fine tune some more and I'll be in touch with which clouds and what my weather files look like, just for reference or for you to include in your real life graphics mod if you want. It's the least I can do.
  5. I just figured out how to make my own cloud textures, so more on the way! Let me know if you can which number clouds you found worked best too...because AC samples from a list of resources, I try to include a variety of types...problem is, with some weathers, skies don't turn out right, things look strange. I'm already experimenting with cloud transparency levels...I left 10 clouds out of the pack already that I dubbed "dense"...but I suppose with what I assume is a lowered transparency, they might work as well :) Can't wait m8
  6. Oh, so you are in the loop...another update is ready, but I'll hold off. However, so you get the clouds right without experimenting in vain, I've recently improved the sunny weather colorCurves...brighter, more realistic, change in all kinds of things which impact the clouds...below are the new files you can drop in to replace the current colorCurve files of "sunny_clear_arid" "sunny_clouds_light" "sunny_clouds_mid" and "sunny_clouds_most"

    I can't decide which colorCurves I like better :D I've wanted to work on the mod more than I can with work and being hired to do skins...if you could help in any way, you'd be included and we might cover more ground...not sure what settings you are using for your screens, but Iv'e got max graphical settings and they never turn out that good :D

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  7. Oh, what filter did you use for the Cloud_b? That might help me understand why the shot is so clear.

    Here is my best screen with Storm B,

    By the look of yours, you seem to be using one of the HDR filters...can't guess your other settings :)
  8. The filter is one of my own, but you are welcome to that as well. Originally tuned to make the sun blown out and "blinding" at sunrise, but turns out that it works really well with overcast and stormy too.
    Thanks for holding off on the update, I think I have some good ideas for you. Can't make too much progress while I'm here at work, but I'll have some files ready for you late tonight :)
  9. Well, it definitely works well, the color saturation reminds me of what I labeled as HDR filters, but the lighting is very good, you've clearly played around with it and gotten a good result.
  10. for installation, do i need to rename them all?
  11. Yes, I named them according to category for those who want to open the files to compare them against other kinds of clouds in the pack. You have to rename them "cloud1b," "cloud2b" etc in sequential order, however many clouds you wish to have. All 40 might be a little much, I am using 20 textures and for me and Xedrox, it is plenty. :)
  12. thanks!
  13. which clouds are you using for all weather types? your pics look sweat!
  14. Pics above, or elsewhere? :)

    Right now I'm using handpicked fluffy and faint clouds, so much depends on cloud transparency for the look...my graphics mod has all the clouds I'm using right now if you're wondering :). This is a resource...can be used as direct cloud replacements, but I intended it more for modders looking to add cloud textures to their graphics mods :)
  15. but i really want to know which cloud for which file etc for example faint1 7b or something, i really dont know how i should make it i just have no idea how it works, what files are for what weather etc
  16. The way AC samples clouds, which ever textures you choose affect all weathers...that's something we're trying to change. Right now, you cannot customize say "mid clear" from "light clouds" and so forth.

    I'm not sure I understand your question. I named the cloud textures to reflect their categories for modders...means you have to rename them to "cloud[insert number]b" to get them to show up in the game, but modders need to know the categories so they can experiment with the different types of clouds they want :
  17. ah okay i get you, but i still dont know which cloud texture in your mod got which number. Thats what im trying to get out of you!
  18. It doesn't matter which number you name the cloud files. It could be cloud1b.dds or cloud43b.dds, as long as the numbers are sequential is all that matters. And if you don't want to overwrite the stock 10 Kunos clouds, start with number 11 and increase from their, i.e., cloud11b, cloud12b, etc.
  19. hi Bernd, first, thx for your work, second, simple question, i have my own cloud but i search what's the best export dds quality ? (i use photosop dds plugin)
  20. Well if you are using a small enough texture size, then compressing your dds files is unnecessary. I use 512k images, so compressing further ruins the image imo. I use a GIMP dds plugin, I imagine its the same for you.