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Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Matthew327, Mar 11, 2013.

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  1. Deleted.
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  2. With all due respect, who are you to tell people what to and not to do?
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  3. Do I tell anyone? Can't remember. Do I kindly ask you to respect some basic rules of conversation and social interaction? Yes.
  4. Sorry, but i think you don't understand.
    Matthew wrote about "respect" and not asking for Downloads in WIP (Work in Progress)- Threads, where Modders show her work, what is not finished yet.
    All these guys should more read and not pressure the modders.

    I think Matthew is right and it should be sticked.:thumbsup:
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  5. I don't believe I need to quote the sections of the post that clearly tell people what to and not to do. When you start a sentence with 'don't' its fairly conclusive. As is telling people what is not acceptable.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't necessarily disagree with what I assume might be the intention of the post. This just isn't the way to address it. It's written as 'the rules' of the forum which clearly it isn't.

    Incidentally, the notion that someone might read through hundreds of posts when they have a simple question and post them all other same place is not an approach I subscribe to nor have I seen used effectively very often on other forums. It's long since been been disbanded for individual threads which are far more user friendly. However that's just my view.
  6. I do in fact agree with your point of view. It's just - these are the things that are a massive problem on this forum, and I wanted to have them said.

    Plus, in case some of the things I said seem unclear or not appropriate, please note that my first language is German.
  7. I wouldn't be as rude as to tell you that it's you who doesn't understand. I'll let your own post do that for me.

    His sentiments may be well intended, even correct but this isn't the way to do it.
  8. Yes is suspected that was the case.
  9. I would only consider your original post as conforming to basic rules of conversation and social interaction in a classroom. Where you are the teacher and the readers- the pupils.
  10. If that, Mr Weston, is the way you feel about this post, then we might just as well end this conversation here - we are both reasonable human beings with their very own opinions, and since I realize that you are just about as confident about what you assume to be appropriate as I am about what I understand to be adequate, we should end this argument before it turns into another unnecessary fight. I have taken notice of your opinion, but I refuse to alter the original words of my post. Thus, if you - or anyone else - feel offended, I politely ask you to report this thread to the moderators and have it removed.

    Regardless of what you decide to do, I thank you for your kind way of discussing such a topic, even though we have very opposing points of view.
  11. A very pragmatic way of looking at it for one so young. We'll agree to disagree.
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  12. For me was your question a little bit too harsh (agressiv). I think , what Matthew is talking about, is a very great problem. Noboddy must read ten's or twenty sides ( sometimes is good to read only the first page), but if someone asked the same question as another 2 post's before....,you know what i mean?
    :( Sorry if i misunderstood.
  13. Matthew, if the people doesnt read the topics and ask stupid questions why do you think they will read this topic, your long post and understand?:roflmao: Kidding, relax. ;) Man, all you wrote up there is right, if the autor was Bram, Tom, Graham etc could be a normal, but from non-admin looks strange... May be that the reason of Luke...
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  14. Very correct - but, to be honest, I just had to write this. That's basically why I certainly won't be mad at the admins if they remove it.

    Luke Weston: It's easy to disagree with someone's opinion, but it's hard to find a peaceful way of settling these arguments. I appreciate a good discussion every now and then, and I consider this a very interesting one. Still, when compromise seems out of reach, the best way is to simply walk away without losing your face and your temper. Let us handle it like grown-ups, not like kids.
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  15. The mod questions thread will soon go over 1000 posts. How is that useful for anyone? Reading the first page will only answer a question that coincides with the first couple of questions from the hundreds contained there. I'm all for having a single thread for a single topic but this isn't the case in my opinion. It means not only are people put off from posting questions its also far less likely someone who has the answer is going to see it. Seems a bit defeatist to me.

    No aggression was intend with my first post, it clearly stated the respect of the poster was a pre cursor.
  16. Il est clairement démontré ici que ceux qui répondent négativement à ce message, qui selon moi est très pertinent, ont effectivement quelque-chose à se reprocher concernant ce que moi j’appelle...le plagia.
  17. Although I'd love to understand what you say (since I hope it's a contribution to the discussion) I am not capable of speaking French - which is why this is an Englidh-speaking forum.

    I kindly request you to repeat what you said in English.
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  18. No offense. But my first honest impression is 'Who do you think you are?'. I guess many people feel that way even if your post was nothing wrong and absolutely right. You are not moderator or administrator, not even modder. If you think need to do something to correct current situation, you should make suggestion first to person(s) who have authority. Because these guys can do more effective way than you can without unnecessary personal conflicts.
  19. I accept the criticism of you all. I have requested this thread to be deleted.
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