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BAHRAIN - Official Test Race

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Jul 18, 2010.

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  1. Wait for the image to load...

    This will be the race program:
    TIME July, Thursday 22 - 20:00 CET
    CIRCUIT Bahrain STC Version


    30 minutes Practice
    10 minutes Qualification
    20 minutes Warm Up *Yes we are back to the warm up session.
    90 minutes Race

    We will not use the Race Allocation system for this race, so please post your team entry list HERE.

    Again, we will start using the RD TS3 from this race in advance. You can find a passworded (same password as STC race server) STC channel, you just have to enter it and create a subchannel for your team making a right click over the channel name.

    For any question regarding TS configuration clieck HERE


  2. IMPORTANT! Ask your team spokesman about the link for the new version of the MOD

    We have done a final update.
  3. That was a fun race. Too bad only 16 drivers showed up but the race was fantastic.

    I started in 12th (around were I expected) but at the green flag I got such a great run on the guy infront of me and had to back of a little to not pass before the line.. That made the guy behind me hit as he must have not been prepared for that. So, I made a 1080 into the wall before I even got to the start line :D I lost quite some time but judge by my surprise - my car was pretty much unhurt! So, I set my aim on the guy infront and from then on I had a really fun and competetive race. I ended in 9th with a two-stopper.

    Grats Robin for the win! I really look forward to the season now :)
  4. I join the server at the end of the qualy time, no run so I was in the last position of the grid. I start with Hard tires and 100 liters of fuel, after 15-16 laps my tires was 30% gone and the car poorly drivable. I anticipated the pit and rejoin the track with Soft tires ... so much better ... 1 sec faster and more grip. Unfortunately I had to go to the pit lane for a stop&go. Tires were good for 15 laps after then the grip was poor. I finished the race with 27%! engine end 40-45% tires remaining.
    Thanks guys for the fun race.
  5. Thanks ALL who joined tonight, I hope you had fun. We proved to have a great material for this upcoming seasson and I expect it to be a blast, and maybe the best seasson since STC started. The cars look terrificly (...if that word does exists :tongue:...) well, and the broadcasts will be fantastic.

    Now, I need some feedback about tyres and engine wear. How was it for you guys?
  6. I decided to go 1 stop on the softs....after 30 mins i recieved my first tyre warning, so i thought my plan was up in the air, i carried on for another 10 mins before i pitted but this left me a longer 2nd stint on softs, which was a bit scary......anyway carried on regardless and recieved my 1st tyre waring with 20 mins to go....i was unsure weather to pit or just keep going, i decided to keep going as i was in 1st place and if i pitted i would have dropped to 4th after pitting....i recieved some more tyre warnings but to my amazment the tyres held out nicely :) i did have to drop a few seconds a lap but i was happy to do that as only Robin was able to catch me, Well done Robin, nice drive mate :)

    Overall i was really happy with the softs, i dont know about the engine ware as i dont use xd, but i forgot to put radiator back to 3 after Quali so that tells me the engine was fine :)

    This is the 2nd test i have done and so far i have no complaints...if anything only compliments, nice 1 guys, im sure this will be a fantastic season.
  7. Not a single problem this night. I have done only 1 pit and i have to say it was the hell to finish the race! I enjoyed the chase with Robin Johansson in the first part, and with Adam Shaw later.
    Now i have to find a magic setup in order to control easily this beast car :)
  8. this is my main problem too ;) if you find one ... tell me ;)
  9. Really?
    I dont want to brag but i find it a easy car to drive. Even when i use Greg his setup? :D
  10. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada
    Premium Member

    Yes, it seems for some people the car is very difficult to drive and others find it very easy, I think it has to do with driving style :)
  11. Enjoyed this one, one of my fav. tracks.

    Missed quali session, almost got a lap in but was just to late.
    Started from back, worked my way up as best as possible, got my first tire warning on softs on lap 13 changed to a 2 stop stratagey.
    On the second time in to the pitts I dropped a gear to quickly trying to loose speed, and blew the engine.

    Had some good fights on the way incluiding as Gregory mentioned a good encounter later in the race.

    Pity about the lack of drivers but at least there was no lag like the last time.
    Looking forward to a full series with these, should be close racin all the way !
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