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Misc Bahrain FPS Drop Fix 2016-04-22

For those who have the game going slow when driving in Bahrain track

  1. Hello thank for your help about fps , I have one question i don t like the light in Bahrain is possible to change the sun like normal day or like Yas Marina Abu d DhAbii ? I know is possible in other game f1 2013 / 2014 .
    Because fps my whell thrusmaster GT ferrari sometime crash and not repond for several seconds . and you ?
  2. Yes it is possible, but it needs some work, I will see what I can do.
  3. so kind thank like yas marina it will be top
  4. 20160425102653_1.jpg thanks
    or you can do this also for Abu Dhabi ?
    I have fps drop a couple of corners before the finish line
    problem begins here somewhere and ends two corner ahead
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2016
  5. good to check all race because I start race with 60 fps and at 1/3 of race I have just 20 /25 fps . I have this problem with any race. I try to change sitting 3D card gforce 750 and last driver but don t work or game frozen screem .
    good day and pray and believe is importent
  6. make sure the weather is clear sky, since clouds can make a FPs drop.
  7. Thank for your help