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Bahrain & Austin, Texas

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by Reddvers, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    After being a long time lurker and downloader I finally have something to share.:)

    I have used texture changes to convert Istanbul into a version of Bahrain:-

    By reddvers at 2012-03-11

    Also I have made texture changes to Korea to make it my version of Circuit of the Americas, Austin, Texas:-

    By reddvers at 2012-03-11

    These circuits are in no way accurate, they are my versions. The track layouts remain exactly as they were it is just texture changes such as; removing grass & trees, changing ground surface and adverts etc etc. Many changes are subtle and will not be seen unless you take a very slow lap around the circuits.

    This "mod" is compatable with Mr.Pibb's Database v3.

    If only one person enjoys these changes then that is great. I only messed about for myself and then thought maybe someone else would like to try it.

    Included is a new helmet selection screen, just a another attempt at doing something different.

    By reddvers at 2012-03-11

    Happy to make changes if required.


    Download via Mediafire:-


    ps. My thanks go to Mr.Pibb, glight and Hill for their encouragement and opinions. They helped me to decide to do more work and then release the mod.

    And a big thanks to everyone who has ever made a mod for this game :cool:

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  2. Nice work Reddvers, congratulations on this mod. Gonna try this soon, hope it works fine :)
  3. thanks. awesome work. many thanks.:D
  4. Very great idea and job ! Many thanks for share it !! :)
  5. Thanks for the great work, greetings
  6. Fantastic effort...Bravo
  7. thank you man!!!
  8. The U.S. stations to 18 stations
  9. Picture of the helmet is too beautiful. ;)
  10. no no thank you!

    bonus helmet menu? sweet!
  11. Fantastic Job!!!!

    Is there a way to make Austin a separate race so there are 20 altogether?
  12. Hi Reddvers!

    I'm trying to use your mod but in the menu the name of the tracks is still the same. I'm from Spain and the language file is not the one of your mod.

    Could you tell me where and how to edit the track names in my spanish language file?

    Of course, you have done a very good job! Thanks for your work!
  13. It's not the Bahrain track the, it's istanbul, why is there not a realy Bahrain track?
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  14. Friday Practice means a couple of changes of my version of Bahrain (yes it is a conversion of Istanbul, think I have already explained that) :)


    The only changes are texture ones. If you download these changes add them to your Istanbul folder. I have made no changes to any other file(s) so if this is the first time you have seen this conversion please download the original and then add v2 changes.

    I am so confused at how many total conversions are out there at the moment I think this is the easiest way to update. If not, I am sure there are some clever people who can help. :cool:

    @ Camacho: I am sorry but being English I can only speak and read my own language :redface: I will happily help and will try to contact you soon.

    Download via Mediafire:-


    Have fun......................

  15. many thanks.:cool:
  16. Can anyone make the project below? I think this is very difficult (I couldn't make that): import hockenheim and bahrein circuits from f1 2010 codemasters. Thank you very much.
    Sorry for my very bad English.
  17. I don't think it is possible and if it were someone would have already made such a mod, but worth asking :)

    I have re-worked Nurburgring to make it look different and turn it into a version of "HockenheimRing" but I am just not happy with it to release it. Having problems with the ground layout :(

    Will try to look at it again.
  18. Thanks friend!
    First of all, thanks for the new Bahrain version.
    Then, thanks for trying to edit the spanish language file. I have tried to change every 'Istanbul' word into 'Bahrain' word in the "language_spa.lng" but the game crashes when I start it...
    I use notepad to edit this file: Is this correct or I have to use another program?

    Thanks again for all of your work!
  19. Camacho, no uses el bloc de notas, usa una utilidad llamada LNG_editor_v1.0 (fácil de encontrar)

    Camacho, don't use notepad, use the utility named LNG_editor_v1.0 (easy to find)

    aaaaaaaaaaaaadiós / byyyyyyyye ;-)
  20. Thanks for your help Canastos!

    It works fine. Now I have the names correctly. Thanks again. (Muchas gracias compañero. Saludos!).