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Back to F1 2010

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Gianluigi Migliozzi, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. I decided today to go back to F1 2010 instead of playing the new one. F1 2011 still has too many bugs, I needed a racing game and F1 2010 patched and with mods is surely superior and it's actually a GREAT game. F1 2011 AI is still crap, especially at the beginning of a race, they almost never overtake you, there are pit stop bugs (mechanics giving you tyres that are already worn, for example), AI cars never pitting sometimes and in general the game is too easy at legend difficulty; and these are just some of the bugs you can find. If you race at 100 % laps the game is almost unplayable for the bugs it has. F1 2010 has a very good AI thanks to mods (especially this one, where you can configure everything and easily: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/f1-2010-misc-54/team-ai-f1-2010-ai-tool-kit-4074/) and there are no major issues or bugs.

    Well I'm sorry, maybe this post is pointless. I just want to share this stuff with you. I will see how F1 2011 is after the patch, I'm sure many bugs will be fixed and the game will be better, but I don't really have many hopes as probably F1 2010 modded will still be superior for quite some time untill other mods will be able to fix F1 2011 entirely.
  2. How is the game 'almost unplayable' on 100% distance? I've done a 100% distance season and it was great!
  3. Complainers gunna complain... Don't see why everyone think's this game is unplayable, honestly a couple bugs and the game is terrible now?
  4. You are my online sibling.
  5. Couple of bugs? Maybe you forget the 11-11 spring bug? DX 11 crashing? Game stuttering? Again, AI never overtaking you?

    Fine, thanks for your support, next time I'll keep these things for myself.
  6. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    The trouble is, these are not new issues, and perhaps people would agree with you if you said it a long time ago. It just appears a bit late in the day to be moving back to F1 2010 when the F1 2011 patch is imminent and under final verification testing.

    Personally I wouldn't bother, in fact I have uninstalled F1 2010, as even with the bugs and annoyances F1 2011 is still the superior game IMHO
  7. 1) Not a bug in single player really. Just don't change the springs.
    2) I play with DX 11 and it doesn't crash in the races.
    3) Don't get this.
    4) Mods.
  8. Really irritating that some people call everything they don't like in a game for a bug.

    A real bug is an error in the program that either prevents a function to happen, or produces a wrong result according to what the programmer will achieve.

    Just because you don't like the AI, it's not a bug.

    I have never had a DX 11 crash or stuttering in the game,- the problem is with you, not the game.

    And I don't support drama-queens, so please don't share in the future while I play this unplayable game with great enjoyment...
  9. So far, out of those issues, the only one I've experienced is the stuttering. And that's nothing new, I had the same problem in 2010. Aside from that, I can't really complain myself.
  10. Okay, I finished my first race a little while ago, 100% distance at Albert Park.

    I can see what you mean about the AI overtaking, especially when you're being blue flagged. They seem to wait for a written invitation to pass. This got me a drive through at one point, which fortunately didn't affect my result. Although I was playing it on Legend difficulty, and got my ass handed to me. Qualified 18th, finished 17th, versus objectives qualify 15th, finish 12th. Videos of people in the garage being frustrated ensued. x3
  11. same here man in real life its the faster drivers that get angry when the backmarkers block them but in the game its me the backmarkers that get frustrated when the retards dont pass me and i have to brake cost myself a couple of seconds
  12. @ aceraspire4743

    why do u have your gfwl key in your user info
    think its a little obvious that some day u want to log in and server reports that your username is allready in use...

    on topic,

    yes it is frustrating that faster cars wait very long bevore they overtake most of the time u want to keep a certain race pace
    to build a gap from the car behind.
    but when the faster cars come and u get blue flags your nice gap is thrown out of the window.
    i think it should be like maybe lift your foot from the throttle for a second get of the race line and they should pass right away.
  13. I pretty much like the AI's pace, but the problem is they just don't try to overtake you:S. But overtaking the AI clean is difficult( except outbraking them) you can't overtake them in the corners.
  14. I never intended to say that the AI behaviour is a bug. It just sucks. Maybe not everyone experiences DX 11 crashes but there are people who do, and I had to disable it. I never experienced stuttering either, well I actually do but it is irrilevant as it is very little, but there are people who do.

    I had a "terrible" (ok maybe that word is a bit "heavy") experience in China, where rain was falling for half the race and while my intermediate tyres were totally worn the AI continued lapping without problems without pitting, I lost about 20 seconds or more because of that. Later I pitted twice to get soft tyres, but at the second pit mechanichs decided to give me already used and worn tyres which made me lose tons of positions. I quitted the 100% race before finishing it. Next day I decided to go back to F1 2010, wait for F1 2011 patch to be released and check how the game will be then.

    EDIT: For those who want to fix the AI aggression that never overtakes you (you can be on a HRT and have Vettel behind your back the whole race if you drive well enough) use this mod: http://www.racedepartment.com/downl...-tweaked-for-more-ai-aggresion-improved-5792/