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Awsome co-driver experience.

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by padre054, Sep 18, 2015.

  1. I had a pretty booring day, and I wanted to intensify my Dirt experience.
    I use a 5.1 sound setup for my computer, and instead of using the regular front center speaker, I replaced it with a headphone. I simply soldered my left headphone speaker to the amplifiers center output.
    I did then cut my headphones right above the right speaker (earmuff), so that my right ear is free to hear all the lovely game sounds.

    The result: ONLY the co-driver is in my left ear, and all the other sounds fills up the room.
    I think that this really contributes to a more realistic experience for sure!

    I hope that you can forgive my bad english. I´m from Sweden.
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  2. After the 0.8 update this "feature" can´t be used in any of the Finland stages, because the co-driver and the notes are given thru the left and right front speakers instead of the front center...
  3. Still, well done you!
  4. That sounds awesome. (Pun totally intended)
  5. I did this too, simply plugging headphones into the centre speaker output from the motherboard and sure enough the co-driver was played through the headphones and the rest of the sounds through the speakers.