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Awesome little details

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Joel Vischer, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. Yeh, The tyres the track temperature the safety car the damage everything! I just got a puncture by riding against the front wing of hamilton while in battle for 2nd ended up 3rd after the stop unfortunately :( But the little details are what make this game so good
  2. and do you notice the 'marbles' after some point during a race? thats awesome as well..
  3. And if you have a very bad result, someone will push the camera away from the garage :)
  4. If you get a bit of damage to your sidepod, you can hear the wind whistling from that side. If you are in car's dirty air, the camera starts to jiggle a bit.
  5. Awesome keep on coming with those "little"details you guys!!!
  6. The cleavage on the pit girls....
  7. Awesome little details Paul...
  8. you cannot miss that! haha
  9. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff Member

    I haven't get the game yet, but from the gameplay videos i can hear lots of sounds of minor things around the car. Gear changes, wind, rain everything and etc... These details are fantastic! :)
  10. With a pad u can now feel all the small things too i noticed, when you put on drs u feel something and when the wing is open you feel the wind against the car somehow back into the controller, u feel the gear changes very good u can feel it when the cars try to spin out on controller but you often notice it too late cuz it has no force feedback ( duhh ) and as Paul said, U kinda feel the feedback of the boobs back in the controller like they are bouncing!! Awesome feature that is no?
  11. The helicopter hovering around getting shots at different corners - IDK if it's at every track but I quite often see it at Melbourne.
  12. Awesome detail: Marbles!

    Don't really know if it's a graphic setting or if everyone can see them, but it's really awesome seeing marbles on the track a while into the race!

    Really appreciate the tyres this year too, you can actually see them wearing out and when you lock up your wheels you'll see the famous white smoke!

    The cockpit enhancements are awesome too, steering wheel, gloves and actually getting an animation when switching gears ;)
  13. I'm not seeing marbles and playing on ultra settings...
    No marbles at Melbourne maybe? :) Or otherwise I'm WAY to busy to notice them, I do hear a tickering sound when driving of the racing line, but that's about it (which is another great detail)
  14. You don't really notice them when you're going fast (atleast I dont), but I noticed them in the hairpin in Malaysia (turn 9) for example. I'm guessing they're not in every corner, prolly only the ones where you brake a lot or really push the tires hard.
  15. i love the flag marshalls.
  16. oooh....when the track is still wet after the rain, if you ride up onto the grass, u get a wet splashy sound. I kept getting that a bit and I was a bit confused, becos it stopped raining and the track was dry...I was on dry tires. I thought it was a bug, but it was actually a feature. Pretty cool. Sounds are a tremendous improvement in 2011. Very very nice.
  17. you can clearly see it in the replay. Black dots on the track. And also the tires get white little blobs on them when u go over marbles. Very nice.
  18. At Spa, my Red Bull got a sudden bad vibration and screen shaking, maybe 4 seconds then BANG! ...engine gone...Yippeeeeeee!!!
  19. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    lol being happy at an engine failure... I love it and know exactly what you mean :) I was racing a 20%er at Abu Dhabi went round the hairpin, got on the throttle to accelerate away and BANG, right front tyre blew, with bits of rubber flying off!! Brilliant...
  20. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    Ha Ha ...... I thought you were joking, until I realised that you posted the above yesterday. :)

    I just so happens the Massa had the same problem as you with Hamilton, at the Singapore Grand Prix today ......