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Available on Steam?

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Kevin Cordice, May 2, 2012.

  1. Will the game title be on the Steam download site, any word on that?
  2. Really looking to giving this a go, saw a video with go-karts and it looks amazing:)
  3. That's a damn good question. Not sure at this point; DVD copy has been mentioned as well as Steam but it's very much undecided.

    The game looks amazing but it's a long way off finalised in the physics department ;)
  4. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

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  5. Yeah I reckon it will be on sale on steam pretty soon after release. Probably get it for £15 quid.
  6. I'm sure there was a thread written on the pCARS forum about this, and it went to a community vote, I will try and find it and edit the post or reply again :)

    May take awhile as the subject was brought up in January if I am correct :)
  7. Basically the community were in favour of it being on Steam provided it was available as a boxed version etc. too, and Games for Windows was avoided like the plague.

    No final decision has been made though.
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  8. Do you mean Games for Windows - Live? I was under the impression that Games for Windows was just a compatibility and features certification.
  9. Yes I meant GFW - Live
  10. Is there any news for realese date? all I can find is 2012, but that doenst seem that very likely now...

    And is there any news on open it for more people to buy it?
  11. It hasn't been 2012 for a long time, if ever. Thanksgiving 2013 was the last thing I saw.
  12. klp


    Release date is now q3/q4 2013. Could even be more sooner if work goes well. I wonder if the next xbox announcement might over shadow any game title in the latter part of 2013. Perhaps it could mean to tie the game up sooner. Just speculation on my part.

    Last I read there may be a chance that they'll open up for new members for a limited time, maybe soon. Don't think anything has been said on when or how exactly, still being decided on.
  13. ok, I hope someone will say here when its open. I REALLY wants this game :D
  14. I absolutely guarantee it will be on Steam. ;) And wait a few weeks and it will be on the steam sale. Mark my words.
  15. maybe early 2013, stay tuned
  16. It just didn't work well for me on Steam.
    Mouse clicks failed to work...menus were slow to respond with the keyboard, etc...
    An unwarranted infraction a few months back coupled with other options available, made the decision to go a bit easier.
    After weighing all the pros and cons and looking at the 'splintered' community, I finally decided to 'call' it a day.
    It wasn't all bad.
    I walk away wishing all the best for fellow users... as indeed SMS..
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  17. Yes it will be on Steam and I can guarantee it will not be on sale or the thought even exercised until the sales totals are in the black.
  18. Community members voted for a boxed version with a Steam compatible DVD key so yes you will also be able to download directly on steam if you don't care about having a boxed version
  19. I will buy it when its on sale. And trust me it will be.