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Tracks Autumn Ring 1.1

Fictional circuit from Gran Turismo series

  1. tomj submitted a new resource:

    Autumn Ring - Fictional circuit from Gran Turismo series

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  2. good for drift. thanks for upload
  3. Awesome!!

    Would this also mean that Apricot Hill is getting closer?? :rolleyes:
  4. Apricot Hill and all the others, except maybe Cape Ring,;),
    I have beer money for anyone bringing Seattle.:D

    Saw a comment on how wide the track is, if they were playing with the proper FOV,
    ( http://tunerspit.com/forum/showthread.php?2745-Field-of-View-Adjustmen-in-GT5, ) yes there is FOV adjustment in GT, they would realize it is the right size.
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  5. This corner is too bumpy (sorry my english)

    Full lap
  6. Nice track! Seems a bit too wide though. FPS-hit is too high with AI-cars compared to other tracks. When I start at position 13 the car gets positioned on the bridge!:laugh:
  7. Thanks. please Seattle, It would be an amazing gift ;)
  8. There are a few bumpy corners, I'll fix these in an update.

    Thanks for pointing that out, I know what the problem is so I'll fix it in an update soon.
  9. Really nice one, can't wait for Highspeed Ring and most importantly your awesome update on your Trial Mountain =w=d
  10. tomj updated Autumn Ring with a new update entry:

    Update 1.1

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  11. An update already!
    I gave it a try yesterday and really enjoyed it (it was my favourite drift track in GT5):

    Can't wait to try the updated one!
  12. Wow, you are very fast with updates! Thank you. Only problem left for me is that AI is so extremely demanding on this track. Don't know why. I have to reduce it to 2 (TWO) AI-opponents in order to race with fluid 60 FPS, whereas in Snoopys Nordschleife-Mod (also a graphical high quality mod) I can race 12 AI-opponents without FPS-drops...
  13. I'm still working on that. It's not a graphical issue, it has to do with how the AI is calculated around the track. Some of the track mesh makes seems to have been calculated very strangely around the 'loop' because of the track overlapping the bottom one. I'm not sure how to describe it but usually there is simply a line following each edge of the track, but around there it looks like a lot of lines running across the track, so I'm sure that's causing the problem.

    They drive decently (not too well around the chicanes) so I'm not entirely sure what causes the issue but I'm definitely trying to work it out.
  14. Does this have working pits? Would like to try it in MP?