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Automatic Speed Limiter

Discussion in 'Racer' started by Centron, Dec 19, 2009.

  1. Where do i change the speed which the limiter limits to?
  2. No idea, mate
  3. car.ini:


    If that is the one you mean..
  4. that's the torque, he want's a speed limiter, like they usually install on many cars (250km/h).
    I remember Lipton was experementing this in some of his cars.
  5. I wouldn't answer this before because I wasn't sure if he meant pit limiters or something and I have no idea whether pit speed limits are actually working yet..

    Speed limiters were fudged through the traction control, I don't have a car here with the code now but you basically set the min velocity where the control will become active (in meters/sec as I remember) to the speed where you want the limiter to cut in.

    The downside is that you lose the traction control, this causes big problems with Racer's AI if the car has a lot of power and they end up doing donuts on every corner (fun to watch but totally useless to race against).

    This was the code as I remember, you might need to jiggle the numbers about a bit:

      max_velocity_ratio=1.01 ;these min/max numbers really depend on the tyre pacejka
      min_velocity=70 ; speed at which the limiter cuts in, in m/s
  6. I think he meant the ASL that can be enabled with F5 or "asl on" from the console. It limits speed to the AI line speed for the current car, so it's about 50 km/h by default. Recording a new line or editing the file manually should change the limit, but I haven't tried it.
  7. Oops. So sorry.. i misunderstood :)
  8. Hey, Look at the code:
    I found this in the controller file. My guess is you can change the value of max and maybe the car speed will be limited?

    I have yet to change the value and try my controller so it's all unconfirmed as of now. Besides, 1000 could mean the torque as someone mentioned before me.
  9. Those min and max values are just for the controller analog axis. For example, the brakes on my mouse controller originally had min=0 and max=1000, which means the brakes start working with the cursor in the middle of the screen and reach full power with the cursor at the bottom. I changed that to min=100 and max=800, so there's some deadzone in the middle and bottom.

    I'm not sure if that speedlimiter control ever did anything. If it does, it's probably an on/off switch, so the axis wouldn't be of any use.