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AUS servers and EU players

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Dan Coldrick, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, I know you have Australian/Oceanic events and I've seen EU players signing up, what is the lag like on the server?

    I've tried playing with people from the US and experience some lag so I was just wondering what it was like playing with the Aus players.


  2. The Oceania events use the same servers, you'll just find that you can't get quite as close to the Oceania guys because of the higher ping. But it's not as dangerous as playing against someone 2 miles away who is downloading from a torrent while watching iPlayer while driving online ;)
  3. Thanks Simon, thats the answer I was looking for. I assume the servers are located in the EU somewhere?
  4. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    In Amsterdam, The Netherlands to be exact :)
  5. i have usual a ping of 225 to the the Oceanic members thats quite ok and you can race them usual like anyonether guy from europ too
    as we have sometimes bad days with higer pings they have too then it starts to get a bit tricky so you have to drive a bit carefuller if you be close to them
  6. I am from Canada and racing against AUS and EU drivers, I rarely see a ping over 150 to them.

  7. I am on a slower connection then keith, and I usually see little to no lag from anyone on the RD public servers. Only time I see laggers they are usually really bad and end up getting kicked for it.
  8. Are all the servers based in Amsterdam? I also get ping from 150 - 220, sometimes good sometimes bad.
  9. If my memory serves me, I remember Warren Dawes saying that he and the Racing Club crew were looking into renting a server located in the Oceania region for these events. That would result in a smoother experience for the Oceania players. Is this still going ahead, or has the plan been abandoned?

    Rhys :D
  10. Rhys, the plan has not been abandoned, but the biggest difficulty is to find a server close to Australia or New Zealand that is up to the quality we desire, and is at a reasonable price. This has proven to be looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack so far, but we are looking at some options in New Zealand right now.

    Regarding the original question, most of the time the pings can be rather high for Ausies and Kiwi's, but usually that doesn't result in unacceptable lag. As the Euro guys have said, in these events we have learned (well most of us anyway) to just keep a slightly more careful distance between cars to be safe.