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Skins Audi R8 Compass360 Racing 2015-10-15

Skin for Audi R8 Dream Pack2 .

  1. Thierry Warin

    Thierry Warin

    Thierry Warin submitted a new resource:

    Audi R8 Compass360 Racing - Skin for Audi R8 Dream Pack2 .

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  2. Benutzername

    I breath a lot. I guess i just really like air. Premium

    Nice job!

    Had started that one before you posted your W.I.P. picture in the thread so i still will finish it....
    I guess you're sponsor placement is way better than mine, great job!
  3. Bernd Graf

    Bernd Graf

    Amazing work from the Tudor championship! Tip, the orange feels a bit desaturated in the game even though I use 97% game saturation, the real car is much more vibrant. You might use the contrast ratio in PS, raising it while adjusting brightness raises the power of the color :)