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ATI HD5770 & graphics settings?

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Robert McCracken, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    Just wondering if there's any other HD5770 users out there and what graphic settings they use?

    I've just d/l the nkpro demo (long time rfactor driver) and instantly enjoyed it, however I know the graphics can be improved my end.

    I'm running an E8400, 4GB RAM & 1650px x 1050px so I am looking for help to tweak the specific settings please. I use a RadeonPro profile for rfactor, but that profile still gives me AA issues. I set AA mode to supersample and that cured the AA issue at the expense of a heavy fps hit, which I imagine would be worst online.

    Would really appreciate any help thanks :)
  2. In Ati cards u can:

    Download latest drivers put them all to the max and in game put all to the max except for AA,put it 0(all to the left).
    (As u understand u put the AA from the ati catalyst... ;) )
  3. Unfortunately Super Sample is the only way to get a satisfactory look to Netkar with an ATI card (or any other game I play for that matter). You can try setting AA either in-game or in Catalyst lower, but keep Super Sample on. I've found so far this the best way for all games, prioritize using SS and tweak the other settings lower until you get a satisfactory FPS. Avoid "edge detect" or "Morphological filtering" in the AA settings. Personally I use 4x AA on standard. But you could go 2X and it'll still have a nice look to it, provided SS is enabled.

    I don't know what ATI were thinking but Multi and Adaptive sample just plain don't work.
  4. Paul is right. I own an HD 5770 and Super Sampling AA gives the best results but lowers your fps.. although you shouldnt have a problem with your specs and NetKar.
  5. Paul im trying to find the SS option but i cant find it.

    I have options:
    Antialiasing,anisotropic filtering,catalyst AI,mipmap,vertical refresh,adaptive antiliasing,openGL settings.
    I have put them all to Full..where is super sampling? U mean antialiasing?
  6. It depends on which ATI card you have, I had a 4850 before and if I can remember right it didn't have the Super Sample option. If you have it it's under Anti-Aliasing Mode with a slider Performance/Quality, SS being Quality.
  7. yeap 4850 here...
  8. It's the most underrated ATI card the 4850. I could run every game in nice quality and smooth. I went out and got a 6870 thinking it would be a vast improvement with the rain coming and all, instead it was just expensive, and on top of that I bottlenecked it with my current CPU. I'll only be able to unlock its magic with a processor upgrade :( For now it performs not much better than my 4850...
  9. I have 4870 (same performance as 5770) and use all settings on max. That card is more that enough for NetKar.
  10. hmmmmmmmmmmmm i adjusted my settings in CCC and now i need to reactivate my game and typicaly i havent got any left grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :(
  11. http://www.racedepartment.com/newreply.php?p=754990&noquote=1

    Thanks for the reply guys, after some tweaking I'm very happy with the results, getting 150-160 fps online with 5 cars. Only some very small AA issues with trees/fencing in the distance that I don't even notice when racing.

    My settings using RadeonPro:

    AntiAliasing: 8x (Wide-tent)
    AA mode: Super Sampling
    AF: 16x
    Vsync: Always off
    Force triple buffering: On
    Catalyst AI: Advanced
    Mipmap Quality: High quality
    Texture LOD: 1 (may still need tweaking)
    Flip queue Size: 0

    Hopefully this will help some others out :) I'm using RadeonPro instead of CCC as I find it easier to tweak and create profiles and they load automatically when you start the game too.
  12. WTF! Never had that before. Did you back up your licenses and player folder? If all else fails send a mail to Stefano he'll give you another activation no problem.