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ATI HD4450 good enough?

Discussion in 'Racer' started by KS95, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Is an ATI HD4450 good enough to run Racer smoothly? (yes.. I know.. it's an ATI)

    Sadly I'm on a budget and the budget has been lowered... :|
  2. What have you got at the moment?

    I can't believe eBay doesn't have an nVidia card that you can afford. 8800s are about €35 brand new, and that'll run Racer fine.
  3. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Well my preference was a nVidia 9500GT. And this is a new PC that I'm building so I can actually run recent Racer versions (CG Shaders) instead of 0654.

    I'll consider ebay but I was hoping to buy everything from the one place (www.novatech.co.uk)
  4. In that case, you want this:


    That's a fantastic price for a 1GB nVidia card. It'll be faster that the ATi card, more stable, run Racer better, and is a tiny bit cheaper. Buy it soon, the cost of graphics cards is, weirdly, going UP all the time.
  5. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    That's ironic as that was the one I ended up looking at. I compared it with the ATI although I think the ATI has some better points but yeah, I am after nVidia..
  6. I have a HD4350 and it runs Racer fine, still a few issues with cg (auto exposure is broken) but the basic stuff (.cg shaders, hdr/bloom) works alright. I don't have a fast enough processor to really judge how it does on the framerate, but I can get it to 60fps with reasonable settings.
  7. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Too late, the bugger took it! I'm really not sure but I'll be ordering something today, so we'll see lol.
  8. You don't really need a top end card for Racer. Sure, more power will give you better framerates and a lot of people run games at higher resolutions now, but for most stuff an older good card will be plenty. If you're playing commercial games then it's a different matter, some newer games will stutter and slow down even on high end hardware.

    If you're on a budget, you could go to good old Fleabay and pick up a processor+gfx second hand, as long as you buy from someone with good feedback you should be fine - I tend to sell my old computer parts for a few ££ when I upgrade, seems a waste to bin them, someone gets some good parts cheap. Not sure I'd chance buying second hand RAM but for other stuff it's fine.

    Just my humble opinion but a 9800 is the lowest I'd go, go higher than that if you can. More memory comes in handy if you load lots of textures, or have a lot of large textures, I remember the difference that going from 64-128mb made when I used to play Unreal Tournament..
  9. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Well everything but the graphics card and hard drive has been ordered. Sadly this is a really low budget PC.. but I'll see. It's only really temporary until I can rake more money in.. somehow. I'm thinking about the 9400GT then in the future I'll go for the GTS250's or something like that..9800+ basically
  10. 9800 is not the same as the geforce9800. 9800 is very outdated now. Geforce9800gt is awsome for most games.
  11. This is what I'm using, and it works fine.

    A great site for testing your PC's cojones is http://cyri.systemrequirementslab.com/CYRI/intro.aspx - then select Battlefield: Bad Company 2 from the drop-down menu, and let it run the tests. If you can run it at all, then you have a fairly high-end gaming system.
  12. Nvidia ftw.

    You pay less for a reason with ATI I have found over the years... never had a bad Nvidia, had plenty of ATI cards I wish I'd never bought (despite still being expensive ones)

    My 9800 GTX (i think) was £230 new, but equivalents can be had for £100 these days, if that. And that monsters Racer in 1600x1200 with 100fps+ on most tracks... and you have to remember most current Racer tracks are far from optimised (LOD's shaders etc)

    Nvidia *used to have a really nice feature too, where you could make a desktop window transparrent ish, which was nice for overlaying over a scaled dyno plot, then just draw straight over in curved for torque curves :smile:

  13. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Cheers Whippy, I'll look into an older GTX maybe. Good news, my package* has arrived today (ordered sunday), despite the fact it's not supposed to arrive until next Monday!! I chose the free postage option too!!

    *Contains: case, psu, mobo, cpu, ram. :D
  14. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    How about a GeForce 210, will that do the job? lol

    Edit: Or even cheaper! Would a GeForce 8400GS 512Mb be able to run racer?
  15. Both will, but the 8xxx are on their way out for compatibility.
  16. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Ah, I figured. GeForce 210 it is then. Btw, my PC has green LEDs on the front! *happy*

    Edit: Btw, anyone fancy donating about £70 so I can get a HDD and a GPU? :cool:
  17. Too late, just donated to Racedepartment! :D Buy a guitar or something and play on youre favorite corner. Might bring some cash!! :D
  18. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Gizmo, I have 2 1/2 guitars already :p (1 is stripped and in need of all new parts and 1 is shared with my band's drummer)

    Come on, one of you guys must have a bit of money to share :D
  19. I decided to do that with the game you suggested lol, I failed the minimum requirements for the game, but my graphics card was more than enough for it, (the problem was my cpu and ram)