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Astroturf Settings

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by kohnboy, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. I have a astroturf texture I wish to use for some runoff area of a WIP I have- but I was wondering whether anyone had a recommend setting for the texture when creating it within the xpack to ensure it has that little bit of slip/lost grip when created, exported to BTB and then in GTR2/rfactor. Instead of ROADA for example- what do you guys recommend for astroturf??
    Any recommended sound files??
  2. It gets tricky here, if you get it worng your track will not load, (this is where btb warns of the advanced users thingy with the material names)
    Make up a new material name, call it 'turf' open the tdf file, copy roada entry and paste it under, change Materials=roada to Materials=turf. Where it says dry=roaddrygrip, set it to dry=0.8, adjust that value to get the right feeling. 1 is the value for roaddrygrip, anything less is slipperier, more is grippier.

    If that's confusing, just set the material name to rdax, then edit the rdax (small bumps washboard) entry in the tdf file and lower the dry value.
    rdax is usually used for braking bumps so it would probably suit the turf well and as far as I remember, doing skids on astro turf leaves a black mark and white smoke so no need to change any of the skid and tiresmoke settings.
  3. I'll try the latter.
  4. I am trying RDAX as the Material Name. What Racer Surface do I choose in Xpacker? Am testing and the material is there in game (lloks great!) but when I drive across it it is as if there is a gaping hole that cars fall into! I had the Racer Surface as ROAD. Will test Racer Surface as GRASS. Please advise if otherwise. Thanks!!
  5. EDIT: Sorry, Didn't read correctly. Post removed by user.
  6. From reading through the forums via searches it appears that this is a odd glitch within BTB when it comes to changing terrain materials. I can live without the turf but if someone knows of a workaround for the GTR2/GTL/Race version of BTB for when this happens it would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. ebrich


    I managed to have a dirt track, with dust, gravel noise, and a small amount of slip, by changing the 'specialfx tec' for a named road/terrain texture in GTL. The file is right at the bottom of the Locations folder in GTL. I 'rFactor' named the dirt material 'grav' and changed the specs for said name to the specs below. -
    // Sand/Gravel
    Dry=0.95 Wet=0.65 Resistance=100.00 BumpAmp=0.015 BumpWavelen=7.5 Legal=false Spring=100.0 Damper=10.0 CollFrict=1.0 Sparks=0 Scraping=1 Sink=0.005 Sound=gravel
    Reaction=dust Tex=dustbrown.tga Max=2000 Scale=(1.0,1.0,1.0) Growth=(1.65,1.65,1.65) ASDEnvelope=(0.2,0.2,7.5) DestBlend=InvSrcAlpha SrcBlend=SrcAlpha
    Reaction=softskid Tex=skidbrown.tga Max=2500 Pixel=NoReduceDetail Particle=Plane+Deformable+SingleSided DestBlend=InvSrcAlpha SrcBlend=SrcAlpha

    More info - http://www.nogripracing.com/forum/showthread.php?p=1236828
    - http://www.racedepartment.com/bobs-track-builder/61314-race07-tdf-options.html

    hope its some help! May not be feasible for online racing?
  8. In Evo you have only four drivable surfaces and they are always at default values. So only mean to create a new surface with different feedback is to use washboard-effect. Create parallel valleys/peaks, so that the tire contacts only partly to the track. Check Alpine Hills, in the middle of the road is a double yellow and "cateyes", which is created using that. If the area is large, use a second "layer" which is transparent (no render) to create the effect without affecting GPU load but the car may appear floating. Also the washboard wavelength needs tweaking as it depends on framerate, physic engine rate, the speed of the car, direction of travel etc. Or compromise and use rmbl.

    EDIT: Correction, EVO has 14 materials. Find more in this post: http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/race07-materials.46345/
  9. Noted. But my issue appears to be BTB recognizing the settings of the material. What I did was highlight pieces of terrain which were set as ROADA. I had imported a new texture/material as RDAX. I changed the terrain I wanted to to this new setting. Exported it to BTB and find that it looks great but when I drive over it it is as if nothing is there. I recall having this issue on another project as well. I may remove the terrain altogether in the areas I want to have AstroTurf and just add brand new terrain to see what happens.
  10. It's checked... It's not working... Will try more options. Thanks for writing back.
  11. Ok, here is a list of what I understand:

    Roada -> Tarmac... (obviously)
    Rdax -> Tarmac with bumbs //few and little bumps
    Rdta -> Broken tarmac //high and more bumps... less grip
    Rdcp -> concrete road
    Rged -> Dusty edges (edge of the road between grass and tarmac)
    Gras -> Grass
    Grxs -> High and dense grass
    Grvl -> Gravel
    Dstg -> Dusty grass
    Gtrp -> Gravel trap
    Rmbl -> Rumbles
    Twall -> Tire Wall
    Wall -> Walls
    Grdr -> Guardrails
    Safer -> Safer barriers (ovals, new F1 barriers...)

    Hope it helps.
    By the way, you can edit in your track the *.tdf file to make your textures working as you prefer
  12. Finally got some time to get back into BTB. This is getting odder. Now if I select a piece of terrain I a) cannot select properties and highlight a terrain piece and b) if I select the material tab the default "square" is a bright blue- not the default green grass.... Am thinking this is getting screwed up....

    Any advice? Is this a sign that the project is going screwy???