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Assists weight penalties

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Nicolas van de Velde, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I've read that having driving assists enabled gives your car a weight penalty, to level the playing field against drivers who don't use them. Can anyone confirm this? (actually confirm, not gossip).

    The thing is, I don't use any assists at all for career mode, and I don't use them for 10% and up online races. I put TC on medium for sprint races though (simply because it's so easy to get spun out by other drivers and having a bit of TC makes recovery possible in the short period of time you have) and I've noticed my lap times are a bit slower in those races. I'm wondering if it is because of the lack of concentration and wheel to wheel action that's going on, or if I'm really being penalized for using a driving assist.

    Thanks for the insight ;)

    Euh bump, I guess. 80 Viewsnot a single answer? :s
  2. You have pretty much answered your own question, assists = slower (after lvl 10 you also get a weight penalty added to your car)
  3. Any idea as to how much slower? And do the penalties stack up, eg if you're using both TC and autogear you'll get an extra weight penalty? Just trying to figure this out before I'm starting a co-op career with a friend of mine, he uses most assists and I don't want him to be at a big disadvantage.
  4. No idea about the stacking. You're probably a couple of tenths slower I'd reckon with the penalty tough.
  5. Traction Control reduces the power on the wheels, if you can manage to drive perfect laps without TC then you will be slower if you enable it yeah.
  6. I don't believe weight penalties are in the game. There was some talk about them pre-release, but I've never seen any proof of them actually being implemented.
  7. I run with aids off but I'm so much faster with TC on. It's not just wheelspin coming off slow corner that TC helps. You can take fast corners as hard as you can without fear of spinning out. And you can also setup your car very very loose if you use TC which makes you take turns like you're on rails. I haven't noticed any weight penalties but if it is there, it must be negligible. I wish there was penalty to using aids.
  8. Should really have weight penalties. I don't mind hosting games on the PC with TCS and ABS (keyboard means this is neccessary for a lot of people... including me), but things such as the racing line are just a joke. Following a line that tells you where to brake isn't racing! Same with pit assist. If you can enter and exit the pits without it giving you a helping hand you probably shouldn't be racing online...
  9. With the 11/11 bug, there is no noticeable weight penalty. If you have 11/11 and TC on, you can drive almost any turn with just a tap of the brake arcade style. With TC off, you need to give it slow gas on the exit of a corner which therefore makes you slower.
  10. Over at the ARL we haven't noticed any weight penalties. The guys running full TC in the lower leagues are posting times considerably faster than the guys running no assists, and are on pace or better than the guys driving in the top tier leagues. TC gives you such a huge advantage this year coming out of corners and especially so in the fast sweepers. Those corners you can pin it all the way around with TC on, but without TC you have to feather it.