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Featured Assetto Corsa: Virtual BMW M235i Racing Cup announced

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Ricoow, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. Ricoow

    RedShift Racing RDLMS #6 / RDRC #163 Premium

    Virtual BMW M235i Racing Cup.jpg
    RaceDepartment proudly presents its second official Assetto Corsa racing league - the Virtual BMW M235i Racing Cup!

    Since it arrived on the scene, back in November 2013, many have been excited about the prospect of an Assetto Corsa based championship. Drivers and organisers alike have eagerly awaited the game's readiness such that it is suitable to play host to a no expenses spared racing league, and so the time has finally come to get things underway again!

    The BMW M235i Racing, which boasts 333 bhp from its straight-6, 3.0 litre engine, will be the weapon of choice for this series! In spite of being deemed only a cup car, it oozes all of the racing potential that you would expect from a car bearing the infamous M logo that has been worn by many of BMW's historic, pedigree racers! Its barest roots are in motor racing, which is evident from the sound of its thundering engine and the sight of its tail wagging; certainly a step-up from the comparatively ordinary and everyday Coupé! In the real world, the M235i Racing is primarily sold by BMW Motorsport to privateer teams that compete in a single make BMW Sports Trophy, ideal for entry-level cost-effective racing, as well as the Nürburgring 24 Hours.

    The league will take participants on a tour of Europe, and will allow them to battle it out for the top spot at some of its most iconic circuits, including Silverstone, Donington, Imola and the Nürburgring.

    Four rounds of racing stand between the drivers and the winner's trophy, with the addition of an unclassified test race. Events will take place on a Wednesday; each will begin with a 15 minute shootout to determine the grid positions, followed by a 100 km sprint race. In addition, there will be a live stream with professional commentary for the YouTube audience.

    For more details about the Virtual BMW M235i Racing Cup you can click here.

    With the competition commencing on Wednesday 20th May 2015, at 18:00 GMT, the application process is open now until Wednesday 13th May 2015.

    Premium members can sign up for the series here.
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  2. Sounds like fun...timing doesn't work for me though. Good luck.
  3. Coennos

    Green green green

    In please,like this:thumbsup:
  4. wow, glad this worked out. still be staying out of MP but props to RD for the open letter & AC devs for listening!
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  5. :( really want to give this series a go, however the timing is off for my participation...

    Still hopeful for races that will be run in the morning [09:00], or a little latter in the evening [22:00].
  6. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    GMT morning you mean Paul? If so you might want to check out the Aussie league as they are running in GMT mornings ;)
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  7. Nice! is there gonna be live broadcast/spectate?
  8. Ricoow

    RedShift Racing RDLMS #6 / RDRC #163 Premium

    Yes there is going to be a live broadcast ;)
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  9. How are you guys going to handle cutting? Through live stewarding and reports from other drivers or will you use a app/system for it?
  10. Andrew

    Life is Short–Talk Fast ! Staff Premium

    @Miguel Santiago Carou
    First of all have a look into this--->

    And :
    • Do not deliberately cut the track. The white (or yellow) lines mark the edge of the road. Do not cross them with more than two wheels.
    • Try and discuss any incidents with the other drivers involved after the race in a friendly manner. If you feel stressed out by an accident then take 24 hours to calm down, review the replays of the incident and resolve it in a mature way via PM. Do not make angry posts about it on the forum. If you cannot resolve the problem then please contact the staff member that organized your race via PM, sending them an incident report that includes a video that clearly shows the incident.
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  11. Yes, GMT... will take a look and if favourable, I'll get a premium membership sorted :)
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  12. Von Butters

    Von Butters

    oh my, oh me, oh YES!
  13. I´ll be in for the next series.. got some training to do.