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Assetto Corsa Tech Preview only for Netkar Pro users?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Damien Wintz, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. Official :

  2. It might not be exclusive, but it's a good way to show support to a little company ;)
  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Would make sense. Real fans first :) and of course than you at least have something to compare.
  4. In my mind i have read somewhere in the past that the TechPreview is only for netKar owner, because it has something to do with testing the upgrade and license system (from netkar for AC).
  5. i heard the tech demo will be for NKP user ,and after, there will be a "demo" with more content for everyone to try it before buy it

    sorry for my english
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  6. Based on the last post from Aris, I think that the other KS boys may be talking about integrating the graphics tech demo with the actual playable demo. Just a hunch, as I've heard they were planning on keeping them separate... Hence why Aris may have been stressed! Just some wild speculation to wake up to for you :)
  7. MarcG


    I would hope you dont need a license, not all of us were around at that time of NKPro, seems pointless buying something now just to race a trial of another sim.
    Would hope the Tech Demo is released to all, if not waiting longer for another demo will have to do but it'll be very annoying!
  8. Do yourself the favor Pulley and buy Netkar.....Its an absolute steal for the money and no sim racer should be without it...and it helps fund AC so a win win for all!!

    It's worth the money even if all you ever do is hotlap by yourself
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  9. MarcG


    Assetto CorsaThe technology preview will be open to netKar Pro owners as we need to also test the activation method with their paycode and also as a tribute to their support. A proper demo will follow later for everyone else.
    how much is NKPro? not gonna spend loads as I wont ever use it! Not overly fussed by the Tech Demo as I have RF2 to play with until a more content friendly demo comes along. But if NKPro is dirt cheap then I might consider it :)
  10. Pretty sure its around $20
  11. MarcG


    ok thanks, might get it. I see someones asked on FB if theres a cut off point, dont want to buy it then not be able to get into the Tech Demo anyway....that would suck!
  12. Its only 4.99GBP http://www.game.co.uk/en/nkpro-racing-187819#details
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  13. At that price anybody that calls themselves simracer should be slapped that doesn't own it!!! lol
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  14. MarcG


    rather pay the extra few £££ to download it straight away!
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  15. Be sure and load it up once downloaded...I recommend the Vintage Replica
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  16. Btw. It seems the tech demo is initially just for the netkar owners, so go download it !
  17. Smart way of Kunos to get some extra funding ;).

    Nevertheless, netKar Pro only costs 15€, that's about the price of a track in iRacing!! Best bargain you can think off. Even with AC out, I'm sure you can have some fun from time to tine with NKP.
  18. I just bought (few hours ago actually...) it from nkP site directly - just to be sure all cash will go to Kunos boys ;-)
    And really... it's a great fun to drive! It really is!
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