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Assetto Corsa Logitech Formula Force EX Settings

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Zem Zver, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. I use the formula force EX 180°(200°) wheel. It has some FFB issues, probably because of the small turn radius. I suppose the FFB gets compressed along with the turning degrees, this causing spikes poor response. It is not a bad wheel by any rate though, and the feedback you get when set up properly is simply good. I haven't tried any better wheels though, so I can't compare.

    Things I wrote in this guide shouldn't be taken as absolutely true. It's what I gathered to be accurate through reading of other threads, and posts from Kunos team. But they might be completely untrue, and I strongly implore you to google and educate yourself, so you can draw your own conclusions.

    It took me a lot of trial and error to figure them out, so I though I'd post them here to give FFEX users a headstart in their tweaking.

    This shouldn't be used as a perfect one-fits-all setup (although it can be), but merely as a starting point for your testing-

    For later reference:
    These setting are used in the 0.4.1 version of Early Access, and might become obsolete in later versions. This was written on 17.1.2014.

    [Logitech Profiler]
    Overall Effects Strength: 76%
    So I had this tank slapper effect where the wheel started jittering even when standing still. The 107% g7 people use didn't work for me, and I had to lower it to 76%. It might be different for you (?) so try increasing or decreasing untill jittering/tank slappers are gone.

    Spring Effect Strenght: 0%
    Haven't really played with this setting yet, but I don't think it does anything usefull.
    Damper Effect Strenght: 0%
    So supposedly having damper effect set on 0 in logitech profiler will make any damper settings in game useless, but from experience I can say it's not true.

    Enable centering spring in Force Feedback Games: Disabled
    This setting was causing tank slappers / wheel wobbling when enabled in some games. (shift 2 for example) so I disabled it then, and haven't enabled it again. -you do not need it in assetto corsa anyway, because the centering force is applied by the game. (wheel wont center when car is standing still, but will when you drive, just like in real life)

    Centering Spring Strenght: 0%
    Again, pointless in AC, because centering is done by game FFB engine.

    Report combined pedals: disabled
    You want to be able to brake and apply throttle at the same time. This setting is for older games. Have it disabled for every game you can. Including AC.

    Allow game to change settings: enabled
    Self explanatory

    [In Game Settings]
    Okay, so here things get a bit tougher. And these setttings are not the best for you. Only you can know what you want, so I'll describe what each does and than you must decide for yourself what you want and what not.

    Invert: disabled
    This is used for wheels which have inverted FFB. We don't need it, so keep it disabled.

    Gain: 85%
    Gain is the strenght at which the game sends FFB commands to the wheel. (so bigger Gain will make a stiffer wheel, and stronger forces) However our old wheels can not handle a lot of FFB, and if you set your gain too high the wheel wont be able to handle all the feedback. So you start loosing information.
    (You can try this for yourselves: for example if going into a turn, understeering a bit, and going over curbs, the wheel wont be able to show you all the vibrations, and effects. Maybe you wont feel the kurbs, or you wont feel the understeer, but whichever you loose, you are loosing informations.)

    The only way to set the correct gain for your wheel is to go in-game and open the Pedals App. You will see 4 columns. One is clutch, one is brake, one is throttle and the last is Force Feeback. Start driving and moving the wheel around, and you'll see the Force feeback clumn filling up. The more it's filled, the more information the game is sending to your wheel. And once it fills up, no more information can be sent ot the wheel, because it can't handle the forces anymore. So keep lowering your Gain untill the column wont fill and you won't loose information.
    This setting also varies from car to car, so sadly one setting won't fit all. For example a formula might only fill half the column, while a BMW will fill it on straights. I did find that for me 85% works for most, and even though I am loosing some information I find it acceptable and I don't change it anymore.

    Filter: 0%
    Filter removes FFB spikes (sudden pulls to left or right) from the effects. For example if you set it to 100, 100% of the effects get removed. If you set it to 30%, 30% of the effects get removed. You could try increasing filter to be able to increase gain a bit.

    Damping: 20%
    Damping makes the FFB effects feel connected and smoother. Our wheels have a tendency to jitter (sharply pull to left or right for a fraction of a second) which I find annoying, so I apply some damping- You could also try removing this jitter with filter.

    I have read that the next 3 effects are canned. Which means that you wouldn't actually feel them thorugh the wheel in a real car, but through vibrations, or G forces. I do like to have them on, because they give me information that I find usefull.

    Kerb Effects: 50%
    Kerb effects happen when you drive on kerbs. The wheel will start to shake and/or pull to one side when you drive over them. I quite like this effect, even though it isn't particulary usefull. I guess it might be if you are trying to catch the perfect racing line.

    Road effects: 10%
    I am not quite sure what this effect does, but I read that it gives the effect of bumpy roads.

    Slip effects: 50%
    These effects will enable you to feel when the front wheel are gripping and when they are slipping. For example if you go into a corner and turn the wheel it will feel stiff, and when you get to the point where you turn the wheel more and the tyres will loose traction the wheel becomes lighter. It's usefull for driving on the limit of grip.
    -Oh and also you get to feel torque understeer as a bonus.

    And lastly, I apply some steering gamma to help me with precise steering close to the centre.

    Degrees of rotation: 200°

    I set them to 200, but you can try 180° as well.

    Other things I changed:
    I turned V-sync off because it supposedly delays the FFB.
    And I did the dx11.cfg tweak.
    Although i think both these things don't apply to me, because my PC easely pumps out 120+FPS on high, and these tweaks are more low-fps oriented.
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2014
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  2. Hi, This configuration still good?
  3. Hey @spark23 . I have recently replaced my wheel so I am no longer using the logi formula force wheel. So sadly I can not provide you any solid informations on how things are right now.

    But AFAIK there have not been any real changes to the way FFB behaves, so mostly these setting should still be good to go.

    Most importantly really, is that you make sure your FFB isn't clipping too much. :)
  4. Hi Zem Zver,
    I cant take a screenshot or video record in setup screen!!! :confused: only work in main menu and race.
    My principal issue was the stronges of Force Feedback, sensivity, and abrupt changes (pianos, crash).

    This are my confortable control set on 3 juny 2014, i dont try the updates yet.

    Gain 45
    Filter 55
    Damping 45
    Kerb Effects 15
    Road effects 20
    Slip effects 20
    Gamma 1.50
    Filter 0
    Speed sensivity 0
    Brake gamma 1
    turn degrees are exactly 194º in this wheel. (97º left, 97º right,)
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  5. I found out setting the wheel to 464 degrees turn rate and 0.01 speed sensitivity works much better, dont ask me why i was just testing out different things, the sensitivity seems to work like a sort of divider. I could never make the exit out of the first turn at Monza because i didnt have the turn rate and now i can.

    Weird thing is that i now have a slight drop in framerate at Ascari and also in the FFB, so i still have to tweak the gain a bit but the wheel is more precise and responsive now.

    Edit: set the gain to 80 from 84 and it now works perfect.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2014
  6. Dux


    I have the same wheel, how can i make both pedals combined? I have checked for combined but when i am on throttle and press brakes only the throttle is down not brake up.

    Till yesterday i could use combined pedals now i don't. Solution?

    And can you tell me what are your settings for the wheel ?
  7. I never used that option, but see in logitech profile too, i think that i saw that option there.
  8. Dux


    Yeah there is but i remember that i had on one side throttle on the other brake and 2 boxes so you can check them. Also those boxes are connected with one box in the middle which saw - combine (if i am not wrong)

    I have checked that option ON but only another check stays, either on throttle or on brakes. And if i move to brakes, throttle is without check, and opposite.

    Lets say i press throttle to max. If i press brake then throttle reduces.
    And opposite for brakes.

    Last time i could have throttle on max and brake on half.

    I dont know how to solve this...
  9. Dux


    Do you have FFB ?
  10. Sorry i haven't active the notifications. Yes my Formula force Ex have force feedback.