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Asphalt textures

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Alex Kyriak, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Hi all, does anyone have any good asphalt textures they'd be willing to share? I have the ones from the various xpacks but wanted something a bit more detailed that I could use as a basis in photoshop. Have been trying to set some up myself but it's quite tricky to get the tiling looking a) that it's not tiled and b) when it does tile to at least have some variation in it.

    Thanks :)
  2. i did have a couple , but never really edited /or used them .i seem to hoard textures that never come to anything.:rotfl:
    try gimp is has a seamless button in the filter/maps and it reasonable attempted at an automated process.


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  3. Cheers Banger that one on the left looks like it could be incorporated into a bit of tarmac thats getting a bit knackered round the egdes...
  4. hi, did you get Ennis Track packs?, visit BTB website, log in and download them, very gooooood

  5. Thanks Alvaz, yeah am using some of them now - brilliant work btw - but wanted to see if I could 'personalise' my track textures to mix it up a bit.

    Also need to get onto version 0.8 so i can split the track up for different textures across any given cross section for track surface variation - repairs, rough bits, etc.
  6. Actually, on this topic, can anyone recommend what image size is good to make a texture for asphalt? Is 512 x 1024 pixels too big? Can I go larger? Smaller?
  7. doesn't really matter on size has btb will stretch it to fit.but 512x1024 may be a little on the over the top size. 512x512. or 256 x 256 will be better.

    remember that the bigger the texture the more your loose in over areas, like fps on low end machines

    biggest rfactor can excepted is 4096
  8. ingame you don´t see big differences between 256x256 textures or 512x512. if you make a normal road 256x256 are enough, but use 512x512 if you are perfectionist. is it not necessary to make it bigger.
    but for the width track of closed circuit it can be nessesary to make it more width (proportional to width of original)

  9. @ Lamda and banger - thanks!
    @ Thavron - hey that's a cool website.