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Are upgrades from your first season carried over to the next season?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Callum Jeffcoate, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. If you stick with the same team, will the car keep its upgrades in the 2nd season?
  2. I should hope not, as it doesn't work that way in real life. But I haven't gotten that far yet.
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  3. In a way. Its technically a brand new car, but the upgrades from last season will go a way into making the new car.
    In the real world at least.
  4. I hope it does. If not, it just makes staying with the same team pointless if you can't develop the car over the 5 or whatever seasons.
  5. This is how the carrer mode worked in the previous two games, so I'd be surprised if CM suddenly changed it.
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  6. I had that too, first season with Ferrari completed it, than second season also did melbourne and damn same setup but cornering felt better and smoother.

    After Malaysia i though meeeh i wanna do McLaren for new skin and the cornering just sucked. Can be beqause its a McLaren or just not the new parts
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  7. How do you manage to get the upgrades?
    My game just forgets to check it as fail or sucess than i have to do the same R&D over and over again until the game notice that im doing R&D and then it changes the "part" test.
  8. When you are in the main hub, you see those logos above the track you are currently.
    Some give a settings logo. That means a R&D test is going to happen. You need to complete it and i u can use it it quali or in the race.
  9. Yeap, i know what you are talking about. Problem is that im having a bug. I do the test but then the engineer (on qualifying) doesn't tell me if it worked or failed, so if i check the "settings" logo on the other tracks it have a different test, but when i get to the track, i have to do the same test i did on a previously race. Its like if the game forgets to check as "worked or didn't worked" and i keep doing the same test. :(
    Stopped playing for now, the best mode for me is the career but with this bug :(
  10. You know when your sitting in the car in the garage in career mode. You click on the screen to open up live view on track stuff like that.
    There is a R&D channel says: aggresive balanced and something else.. If it got a blue colour means it works. if nothing pops up in blue i doesn't.

    Otherwise like you said you have a bug.. that sucks..very hard..really hard..annoying..
  11. Just went there to check it. Now it is like before. Balanced with a check. All of the upgrades below the R&D "path" are grey, blocked. My first season with Williams was good, got almost all the upgrades. I remember that the last one failed, but then the engineer told me on qualifying that it was a failure. Then on season 2 i got the first upgrade, when i did the test for the second upgrade the bug started, i had to do 4-5 times the drs on different tracks (and it was suposed to do suspension, break and engine) jut got the upgrade by the end of the season, im pretty sure its a bug. Like on 2010 and 2011, but at least the previous games had workarounds like not changing the setup, not fast forwarding the session, etc. This year i can't find anything to make it work. Did the same test without FF the session, without changing setups, without doing any laps beside the laps needed for the test. Nothing works :mad:
  12. Weard.. i got all my updates when i complete the R&D. same race i've got them D=
  13. Guess im the unlucky one with 2012! lol
    Since Malasya on season 2 i've had only 1 upgrade and im at season 3 Malasya again and the bug is working very good! lol
  14. Bye_Ya

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    So will the car improve from one season to the next then?
  15. I can tell you how it worked last 2 games - R&D is RESET at the end of the season, all upgrades are not carried through to the next one. However, the higher you finish in the constructors championship - your car moves up/down a tier (performance). It should be the same this year.