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Are there any other good rally sims besides RBR?

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Niklas Nilsson, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. Hi!

    I just bought RBR for use on my new PC, and I was wondering, are there any other rally sims (notice the word sim :wink: ), that are really good? I have only heard RBR being mentioned as a really good rally sim.

  2. Not really, the closest would be the Colin McRae series, which has been going backwards in the sim department IMO. There is the new FIA WRC game as well, but it doesn't get much love.

    With RBR and the RSRBR mod, there is not much that can touch it!
  3. Thanks :) I have Dirt 1 and 2 for the Xbox, and I agree, not too much of a sim IHMO. I will probably really like RBR!
  4. Oh yeah, there will be rally in Gran Turismo 5 also. I haven't heard much about it, and didn't hear many good things about the rally in GT4, so who know how good it will be.
  5. yep, only other game that was close to a sim was Rally Trophy imo, it focussed on older cars and provided some great fun. I think it was done by the same guys who later did RBR but could be wrong on that count.
  6. If you are looking for a realistic Rally Sim, RBR is pretty much the only one to get these days, even though it is a few years old now. Good news though, you can pick it up for next to nothing these days (but you may need to search EBay for it). The driving model in RBR is brilliant, but certainly not easy, it takes some time to learn to drive it well. Once you can drive this Sim, you will understand why the others are so far behind. RBR has recently been rated as one of the all time best Racing Sims, and it lives up to that rating.
    RBR has been upgraded and expanded by after market developers, so mods such as RSRBR2010 adds a massive amount of additional content, and enables us to run on-line rally events here at Racedepartment.

    Check out some of the movies here:

    That will give you some idea of how the game looks, and we have some promo videos showing the types of Rallys we run every week on-line.

    As Eckhart has advised, the next best rally Sim is Rally Trophy which is even older, but doesn't have the support that RBR has.
  7. Ah, Warren, I was about to write something like that :p. Have anyone of you played Rally Trophy with a wheel? Back in the day I only played using keyboard/gamepad (and not using the sticks). Might be a good idea to revisit this oldie (although it took me ages to find a patch for Polish retail edition and now I hold onto it for my dear life ;)).
  8. Hi!

    Thanks for your detailed response :) I actually already own RBR, but haven't ordered my new PC yet (waiting for the new HD6970 cars to see if they're are worth it). I'm really looking forward to trying it out :)
  9. I played Trophy with a whell and loved it though I had a shiload oull of DNFs. Especially the lighting was beautiful, at times your whole virtual windscreen would be full of reflections so it was really difficult to see the track if you took the driver's perspective. I think I have a security copy somewhere, the original I sold ages ago, might be fun to see if it runs on a new PC (which I doubt ...)
  10. Rally Trophy is the old game and today received it, bought it very cheap. Really difficult and nice sim for fun, can recomend! Use Logitech DFGT without any problems Also bought WRC FIA Rally Championship but waiting for delivery and played only demo and I think it is arcadish but good for play without preparation and I will never call it a a sim :)
  11. Does anyone know if Rally Trophy will work with recent wheels such as the G25?
    I have heard of problems with FFB and Configurations being a problem eg. Accelerator maps to clutch and brake maps to Accelerator.

    Any other issues with modern PC systems?

    It's a looooong time since I tried RT (but I know it had the older Rally Cars, and even a Mini :love: ).
  12. As I mentioned I have DFGT and no problems. Only Force Feedback is rather Vibration than real FF. It works good with my wheel and I really have fun playing on this old game.

    Yes Mini is available, I drove Opel Kadett last time.