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Anyone signed up to Project CARS?

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Dazmaniac, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. As the topic title says it all really.

    I have (as a Team Member - £22) so get new builds every Monday.

    Been browsing the forums tonight and there is a helluva lot of work going on by all the behind the scenes folks and some of the imagery they are posting on their WIP stuff is amazing.

    New build on Monday is bringing a WIP kart and fictional track and the Ariel Atom too. Also have Bathurst in the works, with Gumpert Apollo Sport and Caterham Seven Extralight T500.

    Some content has fictional names (until the licensing has been sorted) so we have Connecticut Hills (Watkins Glen), Bologna (Imola), Aussie Hill (Bathurst), Nuke (Ariel Atom) to name but a few.

    I was a little wary about signing up initially but am so glad I did now.

  2. Thank you for the information, I thinking about signing up but not sure how the game will run on my machine, but after reading the stuff it has to offer I want it more now.
    Regarding the upcoming build on monday as you say, if I get a 'junior' license will I be able to download and try it?
  3. Mikel,

    Junior's can certainly get builds to try. Depending on the pack purchased depends on how regularly you'll receive build updates.

    Junior - first Friday build of each month (full build)
    Team Member - Friday build of each week (full build)
    Senior - Friday build of each week (full build)
    Manager - Friday (full build) and Tuesday (patch) of each week
    Senior Manager - Friday (full build) and Monday-Thursday (patch) builds of each week

  4. Thanks for the info again..

    One last thing, does it support steering with mouse (don't have racing wheel ATM) or just the keyboard ?
  5. You can use a gamepad, for keyboard or mouse I don't know.

    I am in.

    I am confident C.A.R.S will become a great sim/game. Those guys at SMS seem to have a strong motivation to do one (the best in fact) of the best sims out there.
  6. I signed up as a junior member for now. Havent run it yet, going upstairs to give it a try right now!:wink:
  7. I signed up as a Team Member, this looks to have great potential and for a 25£ investment I stand to make 110£.
  8. Adrian Britton

    Adrian Britton
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Its in Euro's dude so you will make £96.32 and it costs £21.89.
    I know it does sound interesting when its put that way, (you will make a profit by investing) but you will only make that, IF they sell over one million copies.
    An to be honest, the people who will buy it are the people who are investing init now, who will have the game/builds anyway.
  9. We shall see dude!
  10. i signed up as a team member 3 weeks ago and enjoy the builds!

    it´s a great project so far and sure it will become my #1 ;)
  11. Adrian Britton

    Adrian Britton
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Dont get me wrong!
    I wish them all the best, I too signed up as a team member when it first was launched.
    It has issues on my pc, which isnt slow or old by far, for some reason I get stutters in game.
    Which then spreads to my other sims, so now after I have tried it three times on different builds, on three different setups.....

    Raid, none raid
    new ati drivers, different settings in the cat prog.
    Different physicx divers and the list goes on.

    I have come to the end of it, as no setting changes anything. I am sure it works for others, which people have said t does. So I guess its just something not for me.
    So I wish them all the best, but I wont be buying it when its released.
    I think I will stick with rfactor2.
  12. I am really impressed with this game so far, physics are very good. Of course it is still very early in it's development and should only improve from here. My PC is an i7 960@3.20Ghz|6 Gigs Ram|WIN 7 64bit|GeForce GTX 570, the game flys on it, no hiccups at all.
  13. I signed up on day 1, but only the basic for monthly builds. As I didn't really like the first build I'm quite happy to wait a month for new builds as hopefully I'll see a greater difference when I try it again!!

    And more importantly I wont have lost much when I find it doesn't forfill my needs:good:.
  14. I have no much time but I like to test it sometimes so I signed up as Junior Member

    CARS has great graphic but still need improvement in FFB and phisic
    anyway I saw good improvement so far and I think SMS guys are on the right track

    @Daz: just a suggestion, in your first post create and keep up to date a list of guys that have replyed here, with their membership type and possibly nick name, this would be useful to create a community in next future ;)
    here mine: Alessandro Gamberini - Junior Member

  15. if you run all possibility I think you should ask for your money back, SMS guys are clever enough to understand your situation
    don't know if possible but simply send a PM to Vittorio Rapa at official forum asking if this is possible
    I'm sure he will help you !!

    only to specify: the full release will be free, you'll pay only for additional contents such as new tracks, new cars, skin, your name on your car and so on ...
  16. Adrian Britton

    Adrian Britton
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Im not that fussed to be truthfull mate.

    Like I said "I wish them the best of luck" and I think to ask for £20 back would be petty.
    I dont have any issues, the game does work, I just get a stutter which becomes rather anoying after a while.
    Maybe I was a bit harsh in my previous post, but I still dont think I will go for the final product, but thats just me (its not my cup of tea) :wink:
  17. Adrian, I get your frustration but to dismiss it before its even finished is a bit much, least you could do is report your bugs in the forum so they can have a go at fixing them. I also am under the impression that because you are a member you wont have to pay for the final product.
  18. Adrian Britton

    Adrian Britton
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Hi Neil
    I did mention it in the forums and was told it was my physicx that was too upto date and that I should install an older version !!!
    So I did try that, an I believe it is this that makes my other sims stutter.

    I have to add though, I dont have the best of history with some of the people there, that are from another web site.
    So I guess my ID or name is mud there, which isnt a problem. I guess we all have the right to do or think what we like to do or think.
    Each to there own I guess.

    So to sum it up, I dont get much help or responce, just told its my fault or that I have something installed wrong, or some say "nothing wrong with the game it runs fine"

    Which is why I say, I guess its not for me, if your in with the crowd then you get a good working sim, but if your not then....... I dont know.

    Any way I am not losing any sleep over it and have enough on my plate with other stuff then to stress about an additional sim.

    I do hope they get everything sorted and make a good working sim, as it is interesting to see what they have done without big marketing boards and managers that are money orientated rather then game orientated.
  19. Von Butters

    Von Butters
    Premium Member

    Been a Team Member for about 2 months now, liking it so far, but as folks know, its early days.
    It has the look of Shift 2, but the feel of it is much different. My G27 has always had lag probs with S2, but its isnt a problem with this.

    I really hope they go more indepth with the physics this time, and for those who dont know, (namely me!), they explain clearly what each setup option does, and make it clear to those who have no idea what bump stop is.

    Can always hope
  20. Fair enough Adrian, wasn't aware of your standing within the forum or the problems you had, lets hope they manage to make the product good or at the very least a good starting point to develop from.