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Anyone plays football (soccer)?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Ariff Roose, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. Hello there! :woop:

    Anyone plays soccer here? If do, What position and who is your Idol?

    Curious.. so yeah :D

    I play a full back position, and sometimes a Central Midfielder. Still 2nd team but used in the squad rotation! My Idol is Roy Keane, I was a Manchester United fan until Ron, Roo, Anderson came..
  2. When i did, i was a striker :) but NOT good, the only place, where i proably couldn't **** anything up. It was on the 2nd team.

    No specific idol, but my favourite club is AaB. :D
  3. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Yeah I play football, I actually play for 2 teams

    The first one isnt really serious, I play centre midfield.

    The second one is proper serious and I play striker :)
  4. Ooo, mostly strikers you guys! I used to be captain for my Under 13 school team as a centerback then when I moved up... Totally different class... 2nd team fullback! :bang:
  5. I was a third choice (second team sub :() Center Back. I was alright-ish, but I never hooked it all up...
  6. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    When i play with my mates, they always put me to Goalkeeping. And i always take backpasses into the Keep :D

    That is to say i'm awful at football :D
  7. Central Defender. Nesta is my idol since his Lazio era. :)
  8. Used to play for my local team till i couldnt be assed walking 5 miles there and back everyday. I used to play right back or right wing back depending If i played for the reserves or first team. My idol is Jamie Carragher :good:
  9. We're all average!! Hehe:honk:
  10. Average-o-meter:

    OMG!!----Good----Average----Alright-----bah------totally suck----****ing noob

    * = Me.

    Btw. this is pending patent!
  11. I guess Im bah..:devil:
  12. I played all though School from the age of 11. Played mostly Centre Half or full back. Played Sunday League football from 21-28 but knackered one of my knees.

    My claim to fame....is I got a trial with East Stirlingshire (google them:clap:) when I was 25.... was told I was not good enough :crazy: lol
  13. I did play football and want to start again soon.

    I was a left wing back and kinda good at it until asthma came to me... I had speed in the first few meters and a good stamina. I am short, but headings weren't that difficult imo. Timing is important. Physically I was kinda strong. Bad point were my left foot and the knees, they're weak.
    Other bad points were my discipline and tackles weren't the best as well :p.

    And my idol was paolo maldini. He's a hero and we don't have good left backs in the Netherlands.

    Couple of years ago
  14. Emanuelson is a good wing back. :D
  15. How old is he?:p
    Barely older than me I think. So he couldn't be my idol :p
  16. Haha, I just played a tournament yesterday. And my school finished 3rd out of 13 schools!! had to play all matches of 1 hour. and We stayed at the tournament site for 12 HOURS!! Anyways, I thought I played well, tricking the wingers with my not-so-good-but-good-enough defense. :D i was a first team regular in the U15 team. So I didnt get subbed! :D
  17. Niels Pedersen's Average-o-meter

    OMG!!----Good----Average----Alright-----bah------totally suck----****ing noob

    * = Me

    j/k :p

    Niels Pedersen's Average-o-meter

    OMG!!----Good----Average----Alright-----bah------totally suck----****ing noob

    * = Me

    All rounder (except goalkeeping :p), average goals 0.3 per match