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Anyone Playing with G29 on PC

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by Naeem Ali, Jun 2, 2016.

  1. I just got the G29 .... Someone share good setting in and out of the game ... I am having difficult time with it
  2. Hey, i can recommend some settings for g29 on PC:

    1. On Logitech Gaming software Settings have the wheel operating range (wheel turning degree) set to 270-300, i am using 300.
    2. In-game i am using the brake pedal as clutch, simply create a custom profile ingame and set the braking pedal on clutch, but there is a trick, you need to invert, you can do this by simply clicking F2.

    That's all that i got.
    Does someone have some different and better settings?
  3. I've just got a G29 too and not had an easy time setting it up. I found the 300ish range mentioned above did not correlate to the steering wheel in car (I use CP view). I had to bump this up to around 700 for some reason - but it works for me.

    I also had to just direct input as I couldn't get the G29 recognised by F1 2015. Have you got this working? I therefore have no advanced settings available to me.

    For FFB I think I boosted everything to 100 in game - it removed a lot of the deadzone I was experiencing in the centre of the wheel.

    I also decresed sensitivity on the pedals as I tend to however my feet over in my racing seat and at the default sensitivity any movement in my feet was spinning me out.

    My settings are VERY far from perfect, and may well mess up your wheel. It's just what happened to work for me.

    What version of LGS are you running with. I have no further advanced settings except centre spring (turned on) and reduced sensitivity on the pedals.

    What settings are you running? I would like to give them a go and maybe we can work something out that's optimum.

    All the best
  4. Sean Rogers

    Sean Rogers
    TinShedRacing Premium

    G29 and F1201x are the reason I tossed the G29 in the ocean and bought a V2.
    Pity logitech let us down with the G29, I had heaps of fun with my G25.
    Sorry to hear logitech have still not fixed this issue with the G29.
  5. Playing with G27 and it works well i guess? Just that the brakes keeps on locking up.
  6. Direct input device or shows up as a G27? I have no access to the advanced settings and have to change brake saturation down on LGS so I don't get immediate lock ups - have to do a fair bit of pumping at first sign of a lock up. Quite frustrating.

    Also, off topic but running Silverstone practice and couldn't get anywhere near times of anyone else - P20, 2 secs of the place of P19 - running in Force India. Went over to qualifying (running single lap for a quick blast, and qualified 8th, in the wet?! Can't quite figure it out.
  7. Can someone please check the F1\actionmaps folder for me and tell me what files are in there? Been reading over some thrustmaster stuff for DiRT and it seems the same may apply - trying to follow a fix there but so far no luck.

    Anyone have multiple .xml files? Or just the action_map_preset_win file?
  8. Right - frustrated - done, going to bed. Tried device IDs, tried adding .xml, tried adding code to refer to .xml, tried going back to default, changing USB ports, uninstalling and reinstalling - can't get the G29 to show as anything more than 'Direct Input Device' in the game and creating a custom profile - which means, can't change advanced settings - annoyed, frustrated and giving up until tomorrow!

    Let me know if anyone has any luck or a fix for this.... :O_o::whistling:
  9. Yup shows up as G27 then had to change the override device to steering wheel. Quite frustrating due to the many lock-ups everywhere...