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Anyone fancy a gt race?

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Richard Hill, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. Richard Hill

    Richard Hill

    Does anyone fancy driving the gt pro class tonight it's on the race club events :) it would be great to have a bigger grid thought I'd try it again In between the league races since I'm more confident with the f3000s. If you do fancy a try just sign up its just for fun :)
  2. Richard Hill

    Richard Hill

    Sorry my phone changed fancy to dance lol
  3. Reik Major

    Reik Major
    Premium Member

    Thanks for asking Richard. I'm just too busy to take part in such events. If I had more time I think I'd do so more frequently. Looks like a cool car-track-combo btw. ;)
  4. Richard Hill

    Richard Hill

    It's really fun with those cars I use to race with them more often than I do now.
  5. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    GT Pro's are one of my favorite's in R07:)

    Only just seen this post but aside I've been out at Shanghai having my first test for the next event

  6. Richard Hill

    Richard Hill

    I just fancied a run out in them cause I use to race them before the league every week and its the first time with the wheel was great fun but over pushed my tyres :)