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Anybody happen to be a computer expert on here? I need help :/

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Thomas Dougherty, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. Thomas Dougherty

    Thomas Dougherty

    I'm pretty much done building this new rig, but I've ran into a problem I can't troubleshoot. I've read manuals and I'm going all over the Internet for this:

    Everything turns on when I plug in my new PC build but nothing on the monitor. Orange light power save mode.

    I thought this was the GPU so I took it out but there's nowhere to plug it directly to the motherboard.

    But I don't think it's the GPU since the fan was running and it seems to be seated in there pretty securely. The motherboard lights and overclock buttons turn on so I doubt it's the motherboard. I checked the RAM boards one at a time to see if they were the problem. Nothing. The mobo doesn't beep saying I have bad RAM.

    To get the simple stuff out of the way, I did make sure the monitor was on and that everything was connected tightly. I really have no idea what the problem could be.
    I don't think the keyboard and mouse turn on either.

    Any of you nice gentlemen know what this could be? Just throw any suggestions you might have.
  2. Danny Asbury

    Danny Asbury

    I ran into a similar problem the other day. Suddenly I couldn't boot with my new 6970, or at least nothing displayed on the monitors. What I did was switch back to my 5770 and it worked again. Considering the monitors are plugged into the GPU, that's the likely suspect. Do you have an old GPU you could maybe test it with? Other than that, I have no other suggestions. But there are a lot of tech savvy guys running around here that I'm sure can give you some more advice.
  3. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    Are you getting the normal beep that you would normally hear when the system boots up? Does the motherboard have onboard video? Do you have other cards plugged into any other slots?

    Basic troubleshooting is called divide and conquer. By this I mean you remove anything from the system that isn't required to see the system boot and see if you get video. Remove all but a single stick of ram, remove any sound cards, LAN cards, hard drives, DVD drives, extra fans etc. You should end up with just the motherboard, ram, cpu, video card and fan for the cpu left connected.

    If you still don't get video, then if you have replacements that you can install for each of the components, replace one at a time to see if it boots. If the motherboard has onboard video, then make sure you remove your PCIe video card and boot to that video instead.

    Try a different power supply and see if that makes it work.

    This should get you started, let us know what you are able to do and what the results are.
  4. Thomas Dougherty

    Thomas Dougherty

    Alright, you guys have no idea how stupid I feel right now -_-

    I snooped around a little bit and saw something labeled "JPWR2" and had no idea what it was. I tried finding the 4-pin connectors and apparently they were way buried in the thick mess of wires in the machine. I plugged those in and everything ran.
    The motherboard just wasn't getting enough power.

    This is silly, this is my first time building a PC so I'm not surprised. Thank you for responses! If anything goes wrong in the future, I'll use these for reference :)