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Sounds Any tips for soundmodding more efficiently?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Modding Discussions' started by GeassEffect, Jan 29, 2017.

  1. GeassEffect


    Hey RaceDepartment!

    So I recently took on "soundmodding". I'm also seeing some success, I have a E30 M3 sound mod and I'm working on a SR20 sound mod, however just for me, privately.
    What I'm doing is extracting the PCM WAV files out of the banks of some cars.
    Some of the cars have a straightforward naming convention, like 500ss_on_5500.
    Some of the cars, however, have the naming convention 190e_onhigh, for example.
    The way Kunos has set up the example project is clearly intended for files with RPMs in the name.
    So, how do I work with these 190e_onhigh files? What I'm doing right now is just aligning the sounds in a way that sounds smoothly.

    My next step is building the banks for the tatuus01, because that's the car what was set as the example car.
    Then I copy the freshly built banks in the tatuus01 folder.
    Then, with Content Manager, I replace the some car's sound (whatever car I'm working on) with the just modded sound of the tatuus01.

    Is there a better way to do this?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Fonsecker


    Usually i use names like Porsche_GT3_Cup_8500_on_in.wav for my files, but the rpm is just a "how the rpm is approximately" sometimes i correct the pitch a bit to have smooth transitions between the files.

    For my projects, i start with the sample project , duplicate the tatuus01 folder, rename it and assign it to a new bank, then i save the project in a new folder. After that i start working on the sounds. With this technique u got unique GUID.TXT files because if u use same ID´s for your sound as the sample project is, u will end up with no sound or car using same sound if u have more than one car with same ID´s in the GUID.TXT.
  3. GeassEffect


    Thanks Fonsecker!

    I'll try what you suggested me. Thankfully the Content Manager "Replace Sound" feature mitigates the GUID issue because it automatically generates unique GUIDs for any car I want.

    Right now I'm testing some FM4 sounds in AC, we'll see how that goes. After that I'll try to get some sounds from PCARS, just because I think they sound visceral :)

    Thanks again!