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Any one here interested in doing a Cart Factor 1998 Championship season?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Hiroshi Awazu, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    If you are, please post here.
  2. I'm currently in discussion with New Dimension Racing (organizers of well known LFS leagues and events) to help present a proposal to Race Department.

    Right now we're currently caught between the 1998 CARTFactor mod and the 07 ChampCar mod. I personally prefer if we're going with the ChampCar mod but I have to talk to NDR first as we're going to test, devise a schedule, then send a full proposal to adam or lee. You can help us if you'd like :)

    If NDR's proposal to RD is successful, NDR and I would appreciate your attendance Hiroshi :)
  3. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    Well Juen-Jen I tried Champcar 2007,2004,Indy 1994, 1995 and Cart Factor 1998 and all i can say is i don't know which one i would prefer to run for they are all good. The only reason i would want to run Cart Factor 1998 is that i would run Greg Moores car in memory of him. As long as i can work races around my work schedule,I'll be there and i also have obligations on Mondays with another league i help run so lets hope no races on Mondays. Ah i'll just give you my work schedule now. I have Monday/Tuesday off, I work Wednesday to Sunday from 2pm till 10:30/11;00pm. This is in PDT time zone. I also have a gf but she works all the time and if we don't have plans,she doesn't mind me racing. Actually she is practicing how to drive the V8 Supercars cars on her spare time. She is doing alright, maybe i can get her in a Champcar in time. Will you allow female drivers to join? Her experience shines with the Minis(she even has her own car to race with) but she has what it takes to learn how to drive more powerful vehicles.
  4. Yeah, quite a tragedy for Moore :( But you can always run his livery with the 2007 ChampCar :). At the moment, New Dimension Racing and I are trying to decide between the 2007 ChampCar mod and CARTFactor. The main reason why we've narrowed it down to those two is because both mods have a drivable safety car (yes we're going to be running a manual safety car in the league :D)

    I'll try to keep that in mind. Honestly, we're not even close to deciding when the league will run because Race Department hasn't approved the idea yet. New Dimension Racing and I will hopefully send in a complete and professional proposal sometime next week or the week after that. We will keep the community updated (in the announcements/feedback section). Right now our goal is to finalize the schedule (very very close to doing that) and the mod.

    By all means mate bring her onboard. I will gladly take any interest I can get in this league as I would hope to have a consistent 20 or so cars for each round. Even if she's horribly slow I wouldn't mind at all. If you two can dedicate to each round in the league that would be greatly appreciated already :)

    Also NDR has also stated that there will possibly be a live broadcast via multiBC for the league. If not Highlights and a delayed broadcast are likely as Thilo has plenty of experience with that in his LFS events.
  5. Since I don't think I will be able to practice for these, can I be the safety car ? :D