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Any interest in race videos from an average player?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by ptroinks, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. I'm far from the fastest and most consistent F1 2012 driver around, but I enjoy racing, so what the hell :D. I'm considering recording my races and posting "highlights"-videos on YouTube, but I started asking myself if there was any point in doing that if noone were interested in watching an "average" player, with mistakes being made and struggling to get in the points (no assists, legend AI. Pro AI is too slow).

    So before I start recording and spending hours editing and uploading: Would anyone want to watch me race?
  2. Since you said that Pro is to slow you are not fastest but you are above average:) , I believe that you can race close with your team-mate and not winning with low-tier car. What distance will you race? It would be nice to see some human player driving.:thumbsup:
  3. I think I'll do 50% races, but I won't post the entire race. Can't ask people to watch the whole thing, so I'll make highlights-videos and maybe add some footage from the replay cameras if something is worth showing :).
  4. Oh, so only because I'm slightly faster than him, I'm not human? :(

    As for ptroinks, many people watch some really slow guys and there are people that are lightning fast and no one watches them. It's on luck.

    You said Pro AI is too slow so probably you're above average. And I remember you told me you did a 28 on Melbourne, but I may be wrong. If you do 28's on Melbourne with a Caterham - that's pretty good. Bad thing is, you are in the middle. There are many very fast people now. And 99% of the people are fighting with Pro AI. So you're in the middle and you may not be able to get any good online races... Which is kinda sad. :(
  5. Hey! I just started doing YouTube videos the other day and it's hard work but I LOVE IT!
    Watching average players is quite fun actually because as they do more races/videos, you see more and more improvement!
    Check it out and see if you like them? http://www.youtube.com/user/TicksandTricks/videos?view=0
  6. No Kristian, I didn't thought that way. You are great driver and also nice human being.:)

    For other part(with online races). I switched to Legend two weeks ago and I am getting closer to fast guys everyday(I dream about day when I will race with you side-by-side:D ).
  7. Hehehe. When I started playing F1 2011 online, I was like 1 second slower than Zoltan (Zomacher) and the other fast guys... And I had 1 week to prepare myself for the race... Made up 1 sec in my times just for that week.. So if you really push yourself - you can do it. :p
  8. No, Kristian, you are absolutely not human, judging from your youtube videos (I felt your pain in the Monaco race, by the way!) :p. I seem to remember you stating that you might be able to do 1:25 at Melbourne in a Caterham, and if you manage that, you are superhuman!

    I did a few changes to your Melbourne setup, which I was using, and I'm a lot more confident in the car now (no offence ;) ) and can do 1:28 consistently (primes, mix 2). I'm quite a ways off trying to race online. I've got my hands full doing the SP career :). I'll do a few videos and post them here, and I'll see if anyone wants to see them.

  9. Which Monaco race? :D
    Aaand I don't remember saying I could do a 1.25 but haven't been on Melbourne from a lot of time.

    As for 1.28 primes mix 2. That's awesome time. You know my Q time was Primes mix 3 1.27.5 so probably you're faster than me now cuz Mix 3 should give 1 second a lap. :p

    And of course I'm not offended. Everyone likes different car setup. If I drive with Victor Ivanov 's setup, I'd be feeling terrible in the car. He hates front end. He'd drive with minus 11 front wing if that was possible... As I love front end... :D So, everyone has different driving style, different setups.. :p
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  10. Well that's quite funny cause I never liked understeer before :D I think you can't drive my setups cause your wheel is set up different than mine :) You have like 200 degrees rotation and I have 400 :)
  11. Here it is, Kristian :whistling: :


  12. Umm.. Woops :whistling::rolleyes:
  13. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Sure, i'd be interested in seeing you race :)

    Unless of course you spam the downshifter before a corner... hate it when people do that. ahah

    lol but in all seriousness... count me in :)
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  14. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

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  15. To be honest, not really.
  16. How sweet of you... :unsure:
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  17. You are welcome. :rolleyes: