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Anticipation Building... Where to Buy?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Superman, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. For some strange reason, I've never been this excited for a game release - I don't know why but I've been counting down the days for the past month or so!

    I've taken a day off work on Friday so that I can get into town to buy the game and give it a good play early on. :cool:

    I would usually purchase games on-line as they're usually a little cheaper but I want to ensure I get it early doors on Friday and so don't trust ordering on-line.

    Where does everyone else intend to purchase the game from if not via steam?

    PS: Does anyone else sweat buckets while playing or is just me?! :redface:
  2. lets see ive been waiting since E3 for this, Depends on the console im getting the 360 verson from GAME, but also try supermarkets asdas did f1 2010 when it came out last year at £25
  3. Pre-ordered it online like 2 months ago. Psyched up.
  4. 2010 wasn't available in the shops on release day, so I would be sure you know where will have a copy.

    I suggest steam or mail order and save yourself a few wasted hours in town like happened to me last year.
  5. Dave Begley

    Dave Begley

    I pre-ordered it from shopto.net a few weeks ago. Never used them before so i hope it gets here on time.
  6. Thanks. I've preordered at Gamestation so they'll be one waiting for me there should I need it.
  7. I pre-ordered and paid for my copy last week on shopto. Roman5 pointed out that if you pre-order it on shopto by midday on 21st Sept they will get it to you by release day, free delivery. My xbox copy cost £34.85, about the cheapest I've seen.
  8. PC - www.coolshop.co.uk the gurantee the game will come on release day or a day before, they send all their games out 2-3 ays before release on 1st class mail recorded. only £24 :)
  9. If only I could trust the on-line shops to get the game to me on release day (wouldn't mind a day before!) but our postie comes later in the day so prefer to get it in the shops from town.

    On a different line, when do supermarkets put them out on the shelves? As I would have thought that they can sell them from early doors?
  10. Yeah the 24hr supermarkets will have them out any time after midnight probably depending when they stock shelves. Not all do PC games but the consoles should be covered. I went to Asda on the 2010 release day about 6am on way to work and the consoles were out.
  11. I think I might give them a ring in the morning.

    I might even race on-line on this release now I've got a decent net connection.
  12. You people need to shut up. My copy will come probably after 2 weeks of the official release since I live in Croatia. And I'm happy with that. But you guys will cry if the game came to you just 1 minute into the 24th September.
  13. Don't hate the player, hate the game :D