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another newb question

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by jwa, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. jwa


    plan on joining iracing sometime during the holidays when i get a new video card and have some extra time for practice. spend most of my time now on single player gsce and r3e. the physics in iracing resemble either of those?
  2. The better physics? It really is down to personal taste. All I can say is, in the 4 years I've been on iRacing it has improved dramatically. Give it a try and see if it's for you. Plenty of free content to make a decision.

    Edit: BTW - they usually have a Black Friday deal - 2 years for price of 1 which really cuts the cost down if you choose to stay.
  3. I'd say you are in for a big disappointment. Iracing or ICE racing as it should be known is not a patch on GSCE. Totally different. Iceracing is built upon old Nascar Racing 2003 physics and is quite good, but not a patch on GSCE. Prepare for a shock. I did Iracing on and off for years and I still don't know why. Other than the great Multiplayer setup, it has nothing going for it.
    Club and league racing here at RaceDepartment is way better. ;) And free.
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  4. jwa


    don't really know where the patch on gsce came from. never mentioned that and knew better, but I do really appreciate the input. I've read all the stuff about like being on ice and such, and then of course opposing views. was just curious if it might feel like what I'm familiar with. will probably give it a shot with one of the holiday deals.
  5. I prefer iRacing physics to GSCE any day of the week m8.
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  6. If this coupon code still works, it will let you try iRacing free for 3 months: PR-NURBURGRINGEXPO
  7. At the end of the day, racing sim physics depend a lot of personal preference as to whether they're considered good or not. The only thing you can do is try it for yourself (as cheap as possible) and see if you like it.
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  8. Seriously Kjell? Iceracing is not even close to GSCE in my opinion, not even close.
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  9. How seriously should we be taking you if you continue to say 'IceRacing'?

    What was the last build you drove, out of curiosity?
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  10. Fair enough, the last one was about a month ago. Has it changed since then? Quite a few people on the interweb call it iceracing, it's a bit of humour that's all. No need to get upset. ;)

    Seriously though, Iracings physics in my opinion, are not a patch on GSCE or even GTR2 to be honest, unless it has suddenly changed with a new tyre model in the last month. If it has, I might give it another go. I love their multiplayer engine, but I detest the ammount of money you need to spend. But each to their own eh? I prefer racing here at RaceDepartment that's all. :)
  11. jwa


    thanks much for the free promo code. it still worked, so i'll get 3 free months to see what I think. thanks again.
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  12. I don't know about you but if I spin out in iRacing i blame my driving, not the physics. I seriously don't understand all the fuss about GSCE, I agree it's good, but it's no holy grail for physics and FFB to me, I find most other sims to be at its level or beyond.
    As far as iracing physics goes I find them excellent, especially after trying them with the rift, they make sense.
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  13. We will have to agree to disagree Kjell.
    I think the strange random loss of traction and then a spin out is still in the game. It is an old physics engine. Well past it's sell by date. ;) :)
  14. And GSCE is not? :p

    Edit: And I have never had random spinouts, it was indeed very much easier to spin out on NTMv4, but since the introduction of v5 I attribute every spinout to driver error, physics are bloody excellent to me.
  15. Like I said Kjell, each person has their own preference in race sims. I don't like the pay model for Iracing and prefer to do my online racing here at RD and at private race leagues.
  16. ouvert


    I`ve only tried the free cars you`ll get on subscribing and didn`t like it at all, I don`t know about ICEracing, it just felt weird - artificial .. and that was excuse good enough not to spent money, uninstall and unsubscribe ... GSCE, GTR Evo, R3E works for me and I`m not gonna say iR is bad .. just different than other ones .. give it a try .. in regards of organized online racing built in game you won`t find better option ... if you don`t mind their paying model ... or wait for another 3 months free oportunity
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  17. JeffL

    Right on Brother, I hear ya, it's all good.

    3 months ago I wouldn't have been saying this but there has been a massive improvement in Iracings tire model. It's fun to drive, has high fps and to me is now in the running for some of my sim money.:thumbsup:
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  18. ouvert


    well I uninstalled it today in the mornig so I believe I was on latest build possible :) just didn`t suit me unfortunatelly ..
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  19. That's the beauty of choice, we can all make our own choice! :D
    My issue ain't with people not enjoying iRacing, or any other sim, it's with those who go out of their way to try convince others that x sim is **** because they didn't fancy it.
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  20. ouvert


    hmm I guess that is just human nature :)
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