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anisotrophic filtering in F1 2013 ...

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by LeRace, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. Hi there! Can anyone tell me how I activate anisotrophic filtering in F1 2013?
    I tried it in the driver settings, but it's not working ...

    Windows 7 Untimate 64 Bit
    Intel i5 2500K
    Asus P8P67 Deluxe Socket 1155
    NVIDIA Geforce GTX 770
    Creative SB X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Pro
    8 GB Corsair Ram
  2. I have an older nVidia (GT 435M) GPU and I just set the Anisotropic Filtering to 2X in the control panel's configuration for f1_2013.exe, and I have full anisotropic filtering in the game. I don't know why it wouldn't work for more recent GPUs. If so, it's a mystery.
  3. Works for me.....GTX 670, latest Nvidia whql's, 16x AF (from control panel)
  4. To add on from my previous reply, I noticed that my game's AA setting doesn't hold from one launch to the next. By this, I mean each time I run the game, I have to go select My F1, Settings, Graphics, and set the AA to 16XQ CSAA, save it, then go back to Graphics again, reset the AA to 8XQ CSAA, and re-save it again, because it's the only way for me to get any AA in my cockpit-cam view mirrors, and even then, the images in the mirrors seem to be all blured.

    I think the EGO engine is very outdated when it comes to managing these settings. My nVidia driver can handle 32X CSAA, but the outdated EGO engine never offers it for selection in the game. The same goes for my 120 Hz-capable, non-interlaced monitor: the outdated EGO engine only offers me the 'locked' 60 Hz option (and NO other).

    I think Ignorancemasters are developing these products way over their heads. They're lagging far behind in terms of newer technology options detection, even in terms of FPS delivery. Looks to me they don't know much (and don't care much either).
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  5. Yup, I guess you are right. I have maxed out everything graphically in the settings of the game, but I am pretty sure there is more possible via the nvidia driver. If anyone knows how to get the best visuals out of the game, any extra settings I might miss, please let me know. I love this game and like to have it looking the best possible!

  6. use nVidia inspector to set AF and (transparency)AA overrides. 16xAF and 8xSparseGridSS looks pretty cool - especially if combined with the insane drawing distance mod.
  7. Thanx dude! That what I mean!
    Can you say which of the AA settings in nvidia inpector are the best?
    There are so many ...
  8. I have to say that the game is not really optimized that good, i can play Battlefield 4 with no problems, but sometimes when going really fast through a corner i get some framedrops.
  9. It runs totally smooth on my system at highest settings, which is:

    Windows 7 Untimate 64 Bit
    Intel i5 2500K
    Asus P8P67 Deluxe Socket 1155
    EVGA Geforce GTX 770
    Creative SB X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Pro
    8 GB Corsair Ram
  10. Am I using the right settings? What ever I try in nvidia inspector, it doesn't look different.
    I have selected the f1 exe, also I do press apply, but no change.
    What do I have to chose as AA mode and behavior flags?
    Are these settings right (pic)?

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  11. Heya,

    Check my settings. I use 4x SpareseGrid as it impacts in wet conditions too much otherwise. Make sure to have the Bahaviour Flags and AA Mode correct or nothing will happen :)

    Let me know how ya go.


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  12. Been doing some testing. With these settings (pic) the image quality is even better without losing frames.With only 4x SpareseGrid I still had flickering edges here and there, 8x ... is fixing it. The only thing that still bothering are the shadows in the distance. You can see that those have a very low resolution until they get closer, so there are flickering pixels. If there would be a way to draw shadows higher in the distance, it would look perfect. "Insane Drawing Distance Mod" is installed, but the shadows just don't look so good from far. Anyone any idea?


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  13. Usually those corners are near pitstops, where you would expect pitcrew is and maybe drivers are stopped in qualyis which, with CM optimization, gives lag on older cpu.
  14. iF you want better graphics put this in your hardware settings config back it up first incase you get to big of a frame drop.
    Goto C:\Users\your username here \Documents\My Games\FormulaOne2013\hardwaresettings\hardware_settings_config.
    <textures lod="0" />
    <shadows enabled="true" size="4096" maskQuality="2" />
    <headlights headlightQuality="2" />
    <particles enabled="true" wind="true" />
    <crowd enabled="true" detail="1" />
    <cloth enabled="true" detail="1" />
    <groundcover mode="blended" clutter="true" />
    <objects lod="1.5" maxlod="0" />
    <trees lod="1.5" maxlod="0" />
    <vehicles characterQuality="4" lodQuality="3" />
    <envmap faces="6" size="1024" forceBilinear="false" />
    <water update="true" detail="2" />
    <mirrors enabled="true" forceBilinear="false" width="4096" height="1024" car_maxlod="0" car_culldist="500.0" />
    <skidmarks enabled="true" />
    <dynamic_ambient_occ enabled="true" />
    <track_reflections enabled="true" />
    <physics environmentalDamage="true" vehicleDamage="true" />
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  15. Thanx! I'll give it a try.
    I like the graphics, just not the shadows in the distance.
    That's the only thing that still flickering.

    Actually apart from the shadow size, that is pretty much my settings.
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