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Skins AMS V10 Skin Pack 2001 1.1

AMS V10 Skin Pack 2001

  1. speedracer1893 submitted a new resource:

    AMS V10 Skin Pack 2001 - AMS V10 Skin Pack 2001

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  2. great skins and nice you have used the new directory structure

    are you going to do the other formula's

    V12 1995 season
    Reizer 2010 season
    exterme 2016 season

  3. Dann Murillo

    Dann Murillo
    Premium Member

  4. thanks :)
  5. Fabian Biehne

    Fabian Biehne
    Premium Member

    Does this pack come with talent files?
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  6. 3GRacing

    Premium Member

    Screenshot13387.jpg Anyone else get this- The mirrors are showing what is in front. Adjusting mirrors ala Shift key/ Seat Adjust- no change.
    Also the Difficulty buttons make the changes, but in game they have no effect. ie.- Auto Shifting set to off, in game-Auto Upshifts on. This is only with the V10 1.0 release. I verified Game Integrity via steam, again no effect. Any thoughts??
  7. 3GRacing

    Premium Member

    ^SOLVED via Reiza Studios
  8. Fabian Biehne

    Fabian Biehne
    Premium Member

    How is it possible to just choose your skins when I enter a race with the V10s? Now I just get a mixture of Reizas skins and yours.
  9. Is there ANY other change exept Toyota being kicked off ?
    I ask cause I would like to keep it in, I prefer to have 11 teams instead of 10.
    Thanks for skins mate, you were the one who makes most of them for 2002 season too, there's a bunch of us guys making one or two and you done like a half of them. I did BAR. :)
  10. I would like to see the Prost entry, which, would bring it up to 11 teams.

    Nice skins by the way.
  11. Prost Acer is in the Pack ;)
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  12. Then, mate, don't get angry for our confusion here...
    since you wrote that you remove Toyota,
    not mention how many teams are into pack,
    not mention that there's Prost inside and, maybe biggest confusion -
    there's 10 pictures of teams in preview and - there's no Prost among them. :confused:
    So don't be surprised when people asking these kind of questions. :unsure:
    And me answering them. :D
  13. More then 10 Picture can not upload ;)
    There were in the old V1.0 the same skins as in the new V1.1 also the Prost Skin two. ;)
    The difference was only that in the old V1.0 Version the Toyota Skin was there and it was not a Series.
    But I wrote as in the update that I removed the Toyota Skin and now is a Series.
    So there are now 22 Skins like it was in the F1 Season 2001 also. ;)
    So I do not confuse anyone. ;)
  14. maikimaiko

    Premium Member

    This mod does not support championship mode, correct?
  15. This is a pack you add to an existing vehicle, so you can run a championship with these cars :thumbsup:.