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AMS - Hints, Tips and Things You Might Have Missed

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by ouvert, Mar 1, 2016.

  1. ouvert


    Hi, as AMS is new for most of us I decided to start this thread with things you might not notice in this game, things that migh help or just extend your experience. If somebody wants to add something, feel free (please add --> before your tip to make it visible in text/posts). Thank you
    Tips are usualy written in short informative form. If you wanna details ask or google :)

    --> You might need to restart you PC after AMS installation if you encouter FFB and control mapping issues
    --> Some cars (V10) have auto upshift setting that is located in 1s garage menu, you need to turn it off there (different than difficulty assits)
    --> Cars now have TC and ABS settings in garage menu (different than difficulty assists). You can map them to buttons (TC step up/down, ABS step up/down)
    --> Formula Classic (1988) and Retro don`t require clutching on upshifts, just throttle liffting. You still need to clutch (H&T preferably) on downshifts
    --> You can drive any car on dirt and super truck tracks by selecting All cars and tracks in class selection screen
    --> Selecting All cars and tracks allows you to have mixed class sessions
    --> Your pit garage has interior tuned to colors of your team, with team logo on walls
    --> For more ballanced jumps with super strucks, brake as approaching edge of ramp and than accelerate and hold throttle mid air. Braking mid air will cause nose dive, rotating wheels will lean your vehicle
    --> You can now turn on/off Virtual rearview mirrors in cockpit and Self in rearview in Display settings
    --> Along with grip level of track, you can select how fast is track rubbering.
    --> You can edit DynHud via editor located in /Plugins/DynHUD/editor.
    --> You can choose if you wanna use DynHud or stock hud in Display menu
    --> DRS can now be enabled only in DRS zones. You will get the notification on bottom left corner when entering such a zone.
    --> There is a surprise at the end of RealFeel.ini :)
    --> Nurburgring GP track by Patrick contains hot chicks on live billboards allong track - don`t get distracted!
    --> MoTec DataAquisition and Spotter plugins are working in AMS
    --> Horsepowers in car description represent HP output on wheels not engine output
    --> Formula 1 cars that are started with external starter in pit can`t be restarted after stalling out on track (list of vehicles related to this will be added after testing)
    You can disable SweetFX in AMS launcher
    --> To run AMS with antialiasing you have to force it via graphic driver (Nvidia profiler or inspector)
    --> If you have performance issues related to FFB try setting FFB effects to low or/and set FFB Skip Updates="1" (or 2,3,4, etc) in Controller.ini (located in your game UserData folder)
    --> If you have good FPS but still experience stuttering try to run AMS in fullscreen instead of widowed mode. You can set it in AMS Launcher
    --> Track usage transfer from session to session (going from practice to qually to race) with some loose of rubber when changing.
    compound of used tyres affect how fast is track rubbering
    by editing Eyepoint in car_cockpit.ini you can set starting position of your cockpit camera. From where you can adjust seat forward and backward. That will allow you to move closer to dahsboard.
    for example StockV8_2015_cockpitinfo.ini:

    Eyepoint=(0.391, 0.78, 0.44) // Driver eyepoint (cockpit view only) ( LEFT/RIGHT, UP/DOWN, FORWARD/BACK)
    Editing last value to lower or negative will set you starting position closer to dash. Same goes for vertical and lateral positioning.
    --> there are different layouts of DynHUD for practice, race, replay ... if you wanna only one, delete all except overlay.ini in Automobilista\Plugins\DynHUD\config\ ... or alternatively copy paste conetnt of overlay.ini to other ini files (overlay_RACE.ini)
    --> excelent Crew Chief (crurrently V4) is now working with AMS (credists and thanx to @mr_belowski and @gongo )
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2016
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  2. Because they have/had in real life too?
  3. ouvert


    Yep, automatic transmission in F1 was banned in 2004. So V10 in game is from era when it might have one.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2016
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  4. Cool but still weird tho.
  5. Great list! It helps a lot. Would you explain a bit more about the item I quoted? Is this what is meant by track usage and track progression?
  6. Martin Vindis

    Martin Vindis

    Track usage = how much rubber there is on track from start
    Track progression = how fast you rubber the track in
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  7. Thanks Martin!
  8. Loving that HUD editor. Thanks
  9. ouvert


    Im planning to do minimalistic but informative hud.. will uploade and share .. if you create good one and you feel like sharing it with others - please do :) .. in AMS download section .. might be good starting point for others to edit it to their liking ... :)
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  10. A little info is that the horse power display the in the showroom, is wheel horse power, and not engine horse power. So may diverge a bit from the real car specs. Something that only find out yesterday from Patrick.
  11. ouvert


    thanx, added.
  12. How do i re-ignition the engine in F1 cars when driving? (unable to do this, only in pits).
  13. ouvert


    just assign button to Starter and press it with netural (or clutch engaged),... if you have damage on and crash with contact than engine might not start ..
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  14. Formula cars don't have an onboard starter, they are started with an external crank by the pit crew. You can only start the car with the button when you are in the pit area. If you crash on track and the engine stalls, you're done. To avoid stalling, hold the clutch in when you spin/crash and you won't stall the engine.

    They should probably add a message that says "Vehicle not equipped with onboard starter" when you try to restart the engine outside of pits (kind of like when you hit the DRS button on a non-DRS car or pit speed limiter on a car that doesn't have one). We keep seeing this question pop up over and over again.
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  15. ouvert


    all of them? .. I might be wrong on this one but I think Retro I tested today has integrated starter, I might confuse it with different car .. I`m sure only about Formula Vee .. I`ll test all cars later and edit the tip ... thank you
  16. Just in case anybody wonders, Dashmeterpro works aswell in AMS.
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  17. The engine of the car does not start what am I doing wrong? I mapped all buttons and the wheel. I also mapped "start engine". I can shift, throttle, brake and steer but the engine does not turn on.

    edit: got it
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2016
  18. ThatRacingGuy

    I drove 88 MPH last night... weird stuff happened Premium

    Make that two...
  19. Hi All, I need some tips with an issue I am having. I had a test day at spielberg and even though my fps is around 200 I have slow down / stutter. Any idea what may cause this?
  20. hex


    Thanks. I only wonder where is the Imola track...