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Skins AMS F_V12 Season 1994 pt1 1.0

F1 1994 season

  1. Steven Poirier submitted a new resource:

    AMS F_V12 Season 1994 pt1 - F1 1994 season

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  2. Yokoinkopp

    Richard Reckmann Premium Member

    really nice work, thanks for your effort. I have a little problem as i restart ams, the game only loads the standard skins. I have to check Steam install where it downloads 3 new folders, then i reinstall the series icons and it works again for one use. Any ideas?
  3. no you are the 1st one to got this problem at least the first one to mention it
  4. Hello.

    I downloaded your skin pack and manually installed them in the correct folders but when I play the game the skins do not appear.