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AMS Early Access updated to include Boxer and Virginia Race Way!

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Nobkins, May 20, 2016.

  1. Nobkins

    Staff Premium

    Just got a 1.3Gb updated to the Early Access AMS. It appears to now be exactly the same as the beta (which received a small update tonight).

    Bring on some boxer fun!
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  2. Nobkins

    Staff Premium

    And our resident admin @quicksilver384 has already set up a server. Come and join us for a few laps!
  3. I'll jump in ,in around 10 mins,,,is it an open server?
  4. Andrew

    Life is Short–Talk Fast ! Staff Premium

    Fresh from Steam:

    Community Announcements - renato.simioni
    A new Early Access build of Automobilista has been released - v0.9.3 is now up with some fresh new content as well as several updates & fixes.

    Below is the main changelog for the new version:

    • New track: Added Virginia International Raceway (3 layouts)
    • New series: Added Boxer Cup series
    (hotfix to address team names will come up shortly)

    Features & Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug with LCD displays that could cause the game to crash after loading a session in certain conditions
    • Added a Series .SRS auto-sort function - SRS files no longer need to be named "REIZAXX", and the game will automatically sort their main menu listing in alphabetical order, with original series coming first - slots REIZA01-28 & REIZA99 are reserved for Reiza original content, mods can use REIZA29 up to 99 OR any other name of the modder´s preference; New REIZAXX must be in upper-case
    • Added a reset sound event to mute replay sounds at the end of the replay
    • Added an extra state to virtual mirror cycle to display the in-car mirrors, but not the virtual mirrors
    • Added option for mapping multiple commands to the same key / button
    • Increased maximum race lap limit from 100 to 500
    • Added extra custom AI physics values to improve AI stability & re-callibrated AI performance for various series
    • Revised Portuguese, french & Spanish localization (work still in progress)
    • Added parameter to define engine layout & orientation, and set cars with transverse engines (Marcas, Mini, Lancers, Karts) accordingly
    • Revised aeromap for several cars
    • Fixed bug with windshields of various cars becoming transparent at night
    • Reprofiled LCD displays for Superkart, SuperV8, StockV8, F-V12, F-Classic
    • Updated font alpha in all Motec-style displays & added a function to light up background when headlights are switched on
    • Updated sky textures & added 2 new packs
    • DynHUD: Fixed reading Config.ini with UTF-16 (This also fixes the "editor starting with white screen" bug); fixed editor to access the correct data folder; Improved viewport detection and change reaction; Renders on top of big monitor now; MapWidget now renders item positions correctly again; Improved on-track detection for MapWidget; Fixed textures to be properly updated after configuration loaded
    • Curitiba: Smoothed out section near 200m board in the main straight
    • Supertruck: revised tire physics
    • F-Vee: Fixed rollbar LOD distance
    • Opala: Fixed championship scoring not computing
  5. alexSchmurtz

    SpeedyMite Racing Staff Premium

    Thanks for setting up so quickly the server @quicksilver384 ! That was great fun, thanks guys! See you on tuesday with a full Boxer grid! ;)
  6. who voted for this damn track, its undriveable!!!!!
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  7. PieterN


    Huh ? I reckon it's a great track ! Drove several nice races against the AI in the Boxers and V8 Supercars. It's flowy and challenging.
  8. yeah, i forgot the :D

    still a nemesis for me, but ive always loved it. very challenging but a top track.
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