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AMG Mercedes vs Ferarri (Poll)

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by PullTheTricker, Dec 26, 2013.

  1. Ferarri

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  2. Mercedes

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  1. I am currently driving in Monza Italy in Season 2 of Career for AMG Mercedes. But thinking of maybe going to Ferarri, however I am still considering the contract offer. In order to make a better decision, I went to time-trial to test both cars Ferarri and Mercedes.
    Did a dry monza on medium white tyres, maximum top speed and mininum downforce in quick settings. I did infact also test Red Bull, but I was not impressed. However, I think on a track with less top speed I do think Red Bull may possibly outperform both the Ferarri and Mercedes. But Monza really favours the Mercedes and Ferarri due to lots of top speed.
    The end results were, Ferarri at 1:23:100 and Mercedes at 1:23:300. Its of course merely a small test that cannot be objective because perhaps I made more mistakes on the Mercedes. However, I had the impression that Ferarri may be easier on the tyres, not sure if my observation is true however.

    If I stay with AMG Mercedes, I wonder if my upgrades stay when I go from Season 2 to 3? I would really like to know if upgrades transfer over, because then I may stay with Mercedes. If upgrades do not transfer from season to season then I will probably accept contract offer from Ferarri.
  2. I was pushing both cars to 1:22:800 just today, to be honest they are both pretty equal, I'm not sure how to compare. Only difference are, Ferarri feels more stiff but has more mechanical grip, whilst the Mercedes is not as stiff but has less mechanical grip. I also felt Mercedes locks up slightly faster then Ferarri. Breaking with Ferarri felt more controlled but also less powerfull. Hehe, it may just be all psychological in the back of my head. Maybe there is no difference. :p
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  3. I agree I believe that both cars are very close, HOWEVER, at least in Season 1, the Ferrari will have much better tire wear! So keep that one in mind!
  4. Well this is a tricky one. In Quick Race, the Mercedes is a lot easier to drive. So I'd recommend it to an inexperienced driver. But I don't know how it handles in races. I think the Ferrari would be the better choice due to a lot better Tyre Wear. I think you'll be better off with a Ferrari. If there aren't many wet races, on which the increased traction on the Mercedes will be an advantage, you'll be better with the Ferrari. And you can always just decrease rear anti roll bar for more traction. Ferrari. :D
  5. If you lose upgrades every season, I do not have any reason to commit myself to one team. I''l definitely try out Ferrari.
  6. After having driven in season 4 with the Ferrari. I must say the Mercedes was probably slightly faster. But yeh eitherway, its a close call.
  7. what circumstances bring offers from ferrari? i started with carterham, then str, then sauber, and i just started 3rd season with merc. and RBR made an offer too mid way through season 2. never got an offer from ferrari in 2012 either (almost same path).
  8. Which team did you choose to do the young drivers test with? I'm sure that either in the game or CM have said that who you choose there means that team us more likely to offer you a contract in the future. Not tested this at all, so don't know if it's true or not, but might be the cause?
  9. I think they just put you in a ferrari for the YDT, no choice. When i finished i chose caterham as my career team. last time i chose STR and mercedes and RBR were offered later on.
  10. Ferrari is very good with the tyres and you can pretty much always do one stop less than Mercedes.
  11. You definitely get a choice for the YDT you choose either red bull, Ferrari or McLaren.
  12. If that's the case than I would definintely have chosen Ferrari, I never chose the other two for anything.