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Skins AMG GT3 - Black Falcon #2, #3 v1.1

Mercedes AMG GT3 - Black Falcon #2 and #3 - 2016 24h Dubai

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    AMG GT3 - Black Falcon #2, #3 - Mercedes AMG GT3 - Black Falcon #2 and #3 - 2016 24h Dubai

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  2. Hi mate,

    first off huge thanks for your excellent skins, the level of quality and attention to detail is outstanding and much appreciated! :thumbsup:

    Out of curiosity: can the improved matte paint effects be used on other liveries as well, so e.g. on your #6 Black Falcon AMG GT3 (the one with the matte black stripe) - or alternatively - what determines if a certain livery can make use of the better matte effect (most likely as soon as it got any matte parts on it at all)?

    Moreover, will this work for other (GT3) cars - say e.g. Z4 GT3 - as well when I replace the lines for a particular livery in the respective .rcf files?

    Thanks in advance, and keep up the great work! :)
  3. It should work with all other cars. But spec and fresnel textures doesn't work then. So chrome parts are not possible (at least I couldn't make them work).
    What you need to do:
    1) Add alpha layer for you livery file. Paint places where you want matte effect black and glossy white. And save it as DXT5 interoplated alpha.
    2) I suggest you make copy of my livery_merc_matte.mtx, rename it and then you can edit different values there for your liking, play around a little.
    3) replace paint materials in *.rcf file. Easiest would be to install livery with Custom Livery tool and then just replace NEWMATERIAL="..." /> with the one you want NEWMATERIAL="vehicles\_generic_materials\livery_merc_matte.mtx" />.

    In case on Z4 - Custom Livery tool adds these lines
    <REPLACE MATERIAL="vehicles\bmw_z4_gt3\bmw_z4_gt12_paint" NEWMATERIAL="vehicles\_generic_materials\livery_generic_effects.mtx" />
    <REPLACE MATERIAL="vehicles\bmw_z4_gt3\bmw_z4_gt12_paint_skin" NEWMATERIAL="vehicles\_generic_materials\livery_generic_effects_autoskin.mtx" />
    <REPLACE MATERIAL="vehicles\bmw_z4_gt3\bmw_z4_gt12_paint_cpit"
    NEWMATERIAL="vehicles\_generic_materials\livery_generic_effects_autocpit.mtx" />
    <REPLACE MATERIAL="vehicles\bmw_z4_gt3\bmw_z4_gt12_paint_cpit_skin" NEWMATERIAL="vehicles\_generic_materials\livery_generic_effects_autoskin_autocpit.mtx" />

    And you just replace NEWMATERIALS with your material file name in there. So it would look like this
    <REPLACE MATERIAL="vehicles\bmw_z4_gt3\bmw_z4_gt12_paint" NEWMATERIAL="vehicles\_generic_materials\livery_merc_matte.mtx" />
    <REPLACE MATERIAL="vehicles\bmw_z4_gt3\bmw_z4_gt12_paint_skin" NEWMATERIAL="vehicles\_generic_materials\livery_merc_matte.mtx" />
    <REPLACE MATERIAL="vehicles\bmw_z4_gt3\bmw_z4_gt12_paint_cpit" NEWMATERIAL="vehicles\_generic_materials\livery_merc_matte.mtx" />
    <REPLACE MATERIAL="vehicles\bmw_z4_gt3\bmw_z4_gt12_paint_cpit_skin" NEWMATERIAL="vehicles\_generic_materials\livery_merc_matte.mtx" />

    I know that all those cpit and autoskin material files are different but I haven't got around recreating them for matte paint. Maybe will look into them more deep but meanwhile I haven't noticed anything wrong by replacing them with same material file.

    Also you can check here http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/sh...tallic-Paint&p=1269678&viewfull=1#post1269678 , added files and metallic paint there
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2016
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  4. Thank you very much for the detailed explanation, I'll give it a shot!