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AMD Downsampling F1 2012=Double your game resolution

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by dejanibanez, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. I play F1 2012 at 2720 x 1530 resolution with no fps drop!
    You can double your resolution all the way up to 3840 x 2160
    it all depends at the graphic card you have, mine goes only to the 2720 x 1530 and its
    a safe bet! If you want more try testing the higher resolutions, you can set any resolution that you want
    just make sure its 16:9= or the 16:10 depending on what monitor you have.

    How this works:
    This tool only works with AMD Radeon Cards ( best on 5xxx,6xxx,7xxx series)
    You need to download AMDdownsamplingGUI, once you run it apply your new resolution by clicking on
    "Erstellen" = modify boxes "WIDTH" AND "HEIGHT" nothing else... test your resolution ingame, this is on your own risk, i've never have any problems with this program or resolutions, they either work or they don't, if they don't you'll see flickering or distorted image, don't worry you monitor won't be damaged because you are looking at 1920X1080 pixels all the time, the only thing you'll change its the number of 3d pixels. As i said my recommendation is 2720 X 1530 or lower. Enjoy.

    Don't try your new resolution in windows cause they don't work properly, they work only in games, when direct3d is active. if the higher resoultion work on your system such as 3300 x 1856, you'll need to create 2720 x 1530 also because you need to switch first on 2720 x 1530 then you switch to higher, you can't switch to higher at first.

    AMDDownsampleGUI Download



    Original 2720 x 1530 ingame Screenshot:


  2. Dafuq ! I play on 1920x1080, everything on high, vsync on with a 460GTX (OK, no AMD, but still), Core i7 950 @ 3.0 Ghz,, 6GB RAM and I still dont manage to get a decent fps ! It drops and stutters always :s Is there such thing for Nvidia aswell ?
  3. AMD Athlon II 955be 4.1 Ghz, AMD Radeon 6950, constant 60 fps, but reflections and shadows on high, there's a little to no difference in fps between 1920x1080 and 2720x1530

    try search google for nvidia downsampling, don't know, I always had AMD
  4. hi, i run on nvidea, when u go to the nvidea control panel, go to change resolution, click on customize , then u can create custom resolutions there, save it up and they will be choosable ingame...
    got mine up to max 3000*1688 but my card cant really handle it... Untitled-2.jpg
  5. if u stutter....put V-sync of!
  6. what should this bing???
  7. Has anyone tried this? Wondering what peoples experiences were with it.
  8. I don't get it. Monitor only has limited amount of pixels. How can it be doubled with software? If it's just rendering larger and then downsizing, it sounds like it's just supersampled anti-aliasing. Just playing with words "downsampling" and "3d pixels" which is basically voxels.
  9. Tried it with his resolution and I could see a difference in the quality of cars and helmets. Don't notice much on the track but it's blurring by so doesn't really need to be that good looking.
  10. it is not because you will add a counter that displays 300 Kl / m on a renault "twingo" that it will be able to run a 300 km hours!

    well it's the same with a screen that is not adapter for a higher resolution 1080p (1920x1080) .... :)
  11. this is not a great method to reduce aliasing for unmodded F1 and it shld also be stated that this works well only when the game itself has high resolution textures. example; if your using ML2166's car liveries it may show improvement, but only to car models.

    my suggestion to get over the expensive built-in anti-aliasing is to use post processing AA like SMAA or FXAA or even AMD's MLAA (thou performance-wise maybe be weaker, not tested).
  12. If you want to do this with NVIDIA graphic-cards, all you have to do is to setup a custom screen-resolution (NVIDIA control panel) and use this resolution ingame, 2880x1620@60 for example. But to be honest, there's no noteworthy improvement, you're losing performance...