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AM General Hummer H1 4-Door Wagon

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by Cosmo°, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. The Hummer has gone through a major service since the original beta release and while it's technically not "done" yet, I feel that this is as far as it'll go for now. The car has been developed and tested with up to Racer v0.8.20, it comes with Cg and nocg shaders and any colour you want, as long as it's... white. I'm releasing this on behalf of MBW13, from whom I took over this project.

    Update: Since the original re-release, a few things have changed in Racer and the legendary H1 was beginning to feel slightly out of touch. It still doesn't fit in your average parking lot, but it looks a bit better and causes less Qlog attention now, so you can enjoy crushing small compact cars on your virtual way home again.
    Be sure to check out the readme for a bit of background information and how to select different drivetrain options more conveniently than before.

    Feedback is appreciated.

    How it looks:


    Where to get it:

    click here or call 1.800.REAL.4WD
  2. Is this still a car?;) Looks really nice, I love the 3d tires!

  3. Very good car. No mirrors however, and it looked odd without a shadow.
    I added one myself, but was not sure about the specs so it might be a bit off..

    Just copy the shadow from the lambo, and add this to the Hummers car.ini:
    image below.

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  4. Isn't it no-cg luthobu? Am I the only person who has on cg tracks too white/bright screen so I have to change time to 6:30 am to make racer be playable?

    On no-cg tracks like Hungaroring Hummer is just perfect. It's faster than real one - almost 150kph to 120;] I did even like automatic transmission. Is it possible to make military version?

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  5. The image I posted is CG, both car and track. About the tracks, you have to add the new skydome and textures for them to work with versions above 0815.
  6. Thanks guys. Apart from scaling and positioning, I didn't do much on the mesh and nothing on the textures at all, so those questions will have to stay unanswered I'm afraid.

    luthobu: I'm mainly using this vehicle for offroad driving where the static shadow looks really odd because it floats in the air over slopes and such, but I can see how shadowmapping alone doesn't ground it enough - visually - if it sits on flat tarmac. It was a bit of an experiment to gauge reactions on this and I'll your feedback in mind for future releases.

    skret87: The official top speed numbers are 83mph for the 2004 model and 90mph for the later Duramax models, so the vehicle is currently a bit too fast with a vmax of 152.5km/h (from memory). There are two reasons why I left it like this for the release. While vehicle speeds are slow-ish and the influence of drag relatively small, I didn't have any exact numbers on the coefficient of drag, rolling resistances etc, so there's a bit of an error margin here. The other, bigger point is the fake AWD system we have to use in Racer. Especially with old school turbo diesels like this one, the low max_torque multiplier we have to use for the 50/50 torque split takes a lot of performance out of the package, which hurts you most in offroad driving conditions. If you compare the differential friction value (which is basically our drivetrain loss) I set here to a regular road vehicle, it's already quite high as well at 200Nm. I figured that getting up a hill (that a real Hummer could climb) would be more important than straight line performance in this case.
    This is actually part of the reason why I wanted to release this vehicle - it doesn't hurt if Ruud sees and hears not just from a few of us, but a larger part of the community, that there are things which don't work and need fixing/updates.
  7. GREAT! Really pleased to see this has come a long way - well done mate.
  8. You're absolutely right. For a driving simulator, simulating the way the wheels are driven is one of the basics of the basics.
  9. great release!
  10. Great work, but for me the .dds files are not opening in my non cg version of . So do i have to redo the textures into a .tga format? Just curious, and it seems to look good- but without textures
  11. Yes, you can convert them back into .tga format. You'll also need to adjust the shader file accordingly to get the texture references correct again. The reason I changed the format in the first place is the significantly improved filesize efficiency, particularly with higher resolution textures.
  12. Great rendering....anyways looks like the link is dead...could someone re-upload or fix the link ?

    Thx in advance
  13. The hosting service I've been using for years now must've rebooted during the last week, taking all the links down along the way. I'm still looking for an alternative, but you can already find the car at tracciontrasera. First post is getting updated accordingly.
  14. looks like good.lets drive ;)
  15. First post updated with a minor revision for v0.8.31 and corresponding new link.
  16. Legend! Love that screenshot too.

    This is a blast to drive. Very commanding seating position and feel to the vehicle - as it should be!

    Closest I've come to driving a Hummer is a Nissan Patrol converted to a replica Hummer kit.
    (Rhino - body kit built in Australia)