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Always last in practice and qualifying

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by kapmabijap, May 24, 2011.

  1. I just need help how to slow down other cars because Im always at the bottom of the practice any qualifing :(
    I use AI slow corner fix for all tracks. I started a new season with RDDEV MOD 2011. Others cars are always front of me like 2-3 seconds and the very best drivers like 4-6 seconds :(
    So please If somebody know a solution to slow down other cars just a little that will be great.

    Thank you.
  2. I don't really know of anything that could help you. Try turning down the AI settings to novice or intermediate and see how that works out for you. If you have and you are still last, you really should try to improve your driving, since its not really an issue with the game anymore, its an issue with yourself.


    Tips - Always have full traction control on. Some people say it helps immerse yourself in the experiance, really it just slows you down, someone with traction control will always be faster out of the corner in this game.

    Fuel Simulation OFF. This one is a no brainer. The AI is barely affected by the fuel sim, so while your car is heavy and cumbersome, their car, especially on some tracks, will just drive circles around while giving you the middle finger, no matter how well you drive. Make sure this is always off.

    Tire simulation off. If you really need that extra boost, then turn this off. Your tires will never depreciate and you will always have the maximum amount of grip.

    Make sure racing line is on, and in the full setting. This will really help you figure out the tracks, and the ideal braking points and when to accelerate out of corners and such. Its not perfect, but it gives you a rough diagram and on the easier AI settings, you should easily beat the competition following the lines.

    Good luck mate. Have fun.
  3. Thank you for your advices :)
  4. Fuel sim off is a good idea, but I find that tyre sim off makes the game far too easy - you can brake stupidly late, be as rough as you like with the throttle and you'll still stay on the track - in short, tyre sim off appears to give you 100% grip. But maybe that's what the AI have - as I've said before, a level playing field in all possible areas for both AI and player is essential for the next edition.
  5. I play with TC Full, ABS ON, Tyre and Fuel sim ON. Damage set to FULL. Fuel sim off is also not very realistic.

    Only thing i can say is the car setup and your driving. This is one game where practice matters.

    Are you really struggling to keep the car on track?
    Which car are you driving on? HRT?
  6. I drive HRT yes. The good steering and following the traction control sometimes is hard. Nowadays I startad to use the car setups from the forum and sometimes its help me a lot :)
  7. HRT is probably the worst car amongst all. But you can tweak it to do well with the setups. Just customize it to your driving style.
  8. This is what I know from my experiences, some maybe relevant, some may not, however in the end, it's for you to choose what is best for you.

    I use the slow corner fix and true AI, I haven't tried the RDDEV mod, perhaps I should, I digress. However I started playing with all assists on and have slowly turned them off over time. Soon as I am reasonably comfortable with what I have got used to, I switch another assist off.

    I have not played too much with Fuel and Tyre sim on, however I have noticed that as I turned off assists my general lap times improved. With TC on medium, race line on, tyres & fuel sim off and all other assists off, I can generally qualify in pole for races with legendary AI (I customized the settings for legendary AI, to turn Fuel & tyre sim off, also switch flag & rules to min.)

    Braking assist should be off in all cases, it manually breaks for you proportional to the colour of the race line, the further the shade from green it is, the more it will break. I tend to start braking when the line race line is red, so this option is never going to work for me.

    ABS should probably be off, as if you start to spin, you can tap the brakes or gear down and it will correct your spin, with ABS on, you just continue to spin off the track and lose much more time (5+ seconds compared to 1s)

    As for car setup, each person has their own driving style, so no matter how good the laptime is for a setup that is posted for a track in the setup section, the individual's driving style will negate how good the setup is to some degree. I generally use Andrew Bortz, Viktor Andersson or Bram's setups as a starting point and have tweaked these to suite my style, for most tracks, in most cases, I have changed something to suite me though.

    I have put a reasonable amount of effort into developing car setups, I created a spreadsheet with setups I like from the setup forum, and added my own with tweaks of this and that. I spent about a day initially, doing each track to find a reasonable setup and saving it, then a further day tweaking each one at a later date.

    You will find that with the setups posted, that they are somewhat car specific, in general, online quick races tend to base the car on something very much like the Redbull, however for proper races on or offline, each car has it's own characteristics, the most noticeable is the gear ratios, for example, a Redbull has different gear ratios than a Mclaren. From what I can gather, Codemasters displays this information rather misleadingly, so when changing team's, it transfers the ratio's, but not the top speed, so the gear setup for team A will not mean anything for team B setup.

    Lap times of a setup I'm happy with to any of the generic garage setups, I will gain at least 4 seconds per lap on most tracks.

    For each assist I switch off, I roughly gain about 1s per lap.

    Currently, I am learning TC off, however, when I don't play for a week, I lose touch and end up spinning off track about 1 in 3 laps, so sometimes I switch TC on to medium to start off with. This is what you would call a bad habit, that I have learned to drive with TC on, so I tend to revert back to driving in this way.

    By far the biggest factors for improving my lap times are
    1. Practice
    2. Setup
    3. Assists.

    Although there seems to be some cross over between which factor has the most influence, between setup or assists, as I've accidentally driven online races with a bad setup, as in really bad and still managed to drive faster than people of comparable skill level to myself, probably only due to the fact that I knew it was bad, so focused on driving faster and closer to the edge of my ability and after all, if your not driving on the edge, you're taking up too much room!

    I hope that this is helpful, although maybe a little long.
  9. Assists don't make you go faster. Believe me, its a false notion people have. Sims do. Tyre and fuel sim off makes the game hopelessly easy. Even with sims on and in intermediate difficulty you would be given a run for your money.

    So factors should normally be only, Practice and setups. And sometimes manual gears do help. The only assist that slows you down is the brake assist. Although i dont think that is much of an assist... its a major handicap. TC and ABS are something that all modern day cars have, so use it! :)
  10. Thank you mate all of your good advices :) I learned something new again :)
  11. I agree, having the tyre and fuel sim on makes you slower. I would agree, if I switch these on, I would probably struggle on the qualifying, I will see.

    I drive faster when I switch assists off, is all I know. I tested this thoroughly on TT mode, switched various assists off and did about 30 laps of each one on the same track, my best time is with assists off comparably slower by about 1s per assist per lap.

    ABS has it's good and bad sides, on one side, you can slam on the brakes without thinking about it and it'll work, the other side, is that should you spin off, you spin off properly. This is a game mechanic and nothing to do with real cars. With ABS off, I find that I can generally slam on the brakes without locking the wheels at medium to high speeds, it's only the lower speeds that I have to ease off the brakes to avoid locking the wheels.

    TC, I can go faster on medium than I can on full, don't ask me why, I just can.

    I should agree with your statement that all modern cars use TC and ABS, so in theory, I should use them in the game and I should go faster, however I don't think this is the case in game due to the game mechanics, rather than how real cars perform.

    Manual gears definitely do improve lap times, I can brake much later by gearing down to aid braking, this adds a significant advantage over auto. There have been countless times during online races that I have out braked someone only due to this and taken position, I have also compared lap times to auto on TT modes.

    By far the worste assist is going into the menu while driving, the car will actually go around the track!