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Skins Alternate Livery for HRT 1.1

My first mod, giving a new look to HRT

  1. Hello, Miles! Please, upload the photos using a photo sharing website, like imgur, or directly, using this forum's upload tool. We can't view the files from your Computer.
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  2. pls upload pic to the :imageshack and paste the links
  3. Those links are photos...
  4. They aren't
    Please upload to imageshack, then there come your picture
    Left Click to link then it will show your picture, right click on it and it will show you the direct link to it, there is a copy option when it shows you the direct link, copy that.And paste the direct link to here:)
  5. Convert the JPG in BMP and we can see :D
  6. Done
  7. Simple and probably cringing to skilled modder's eyes, however that is my first skin, I much prefer working with databases! I'm not really sure how to skin and most of the video demos aren't helpful.... Anyone who can help???
  8. for 1st is good
  9. Not bad for first attemp but not much of a changes, and the tyres are too shiny blue?:D .Probably lot of fixes would be necessarry to complete this car properly.

  10. I must thank doker for helping me with the installation of the programs needed ;)

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  11. maybe this helps[​IMG]
  12. its just a link.
    you have to copy the picture's url (COPY PIC's URL)then press the picture button and then just insert the url and woila
  13. just like i said the rims are blue and shiny?Seriously something is screwedd up in the texture or in specocc.But i don't see that much of a change?
  14. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff


    I have closed your other thread (in the Misc category) for this same file. Please just update this upload/thread with any future changes :)

    Any new uploads create new threads, which is why you must just update this one ....


  15. Thanks, I don't know why that one popped up!