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Altering triple screen settings

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Neil Farren, Mar 1, 2016.

  1. I didn't own GSCE so Automobilista is my first experience of a Reiza game. I have managed to get the game running on my triple screens but wondered if it was possible to alter the two side screens as I can in AC and RF2.
  2. As far as I can tell, you can't. You can only check the "MultiView" option in the configuration menu.
  3. Rob Fitness

    Rob Fitness
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    What is it you want to change about the side views ?
  4. Sniper

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    The side views are all wrong in some cars, instead of the side door wrapping around you it actually looks like is going in the opposite direction, will get a screenie next time.

    try the mini for example the dash looks like it goes in an outward direction not bend towards you
  5. Rf2 has a tool so you can adjust side monitors angle and calculate fov based on monitors sizes and distances to the driver eyes.
    If something like that was possible, it would be awesome. Anyway, the game is so complete (modern f1 cars, stock cars, rally, built in championship,great ffb, real road tech, great ai, etc) that i feel bad complaining about something :speechless:
    Probably such tool in this engine (if it is called right) isnĀ“t possible, otherwise Reiza already has delivered the game with it.
    On topic, i noticed that some 3 monitors screen shots has some weird angle. Will find to post here.
  6. GRAB_034.JPG
  7. That's because it's based on correct fov calculations. I could never really get it spot on in GSCE because I liked to up my calculated fov by 5 odd degrees, it meant like you the side doors are bent out and forwards. If you alter your fov to calculated then it will look pretty close but for me my sense of speed then suffered. Here we go I said sense of speed. Anyhow I've nearly given up on triples and as my center monitor is 3d, I can run at calculated fov, which in 3d properly set up with regards to 85% depth and convergence adjusted correctly is simply awesome. No more flat screen racing, 3d for me beats triples I'm afraid.
    Oh what are your monitor angles physically, mine are 40 degrees, I've read that reiza have a base calculated angle but not sure what that is or if it's true, anyhow I could never find a happy triple screen tintop view that suited me and found non multiview on triples was better.
    Go 3d, fixes everything..
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  8. Thanks for your responses guys. Yes I was hoping that AMB had a similar option to AC and RF2 where you can alter the orientation of the image in the side windows depending on the angle you have your side monitors at and it works fantastically in both those games. I'd be interested in knowing what the base calculated angle is and then I can set my system accordingly. Any further input would be appreciated.
  9. Yeah I had hoped for some good triple screen control like AC, but looks like a no, unfortunately.
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  10. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
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  11. kevin ohara

    kevin ohara
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    I've just posted this as it works for me as if I do not set 6065x1080 resolution the apexs & cockpits do not line up. Once set to this resolution it all lines up - I might just be lucky!

    I've got 3 screens and found if select multiview and set resolution to 6065x1080 then everthing lines up as other sims set to 5760x1080 yet in Game Stock and this things don't line up at that resolution
  12. Hey Brandon, you might know me as Slim over at GTP ;), yeah I saw Niels thread and will try that later, I did manage to get home at lunch and tried a couple of things. I had incorrectly set the FOV in game and that seems to have mostly sorted the problem as can be seen from the pics below. Excuse the shoddy setup, the TV's aren't quite level or together, I'm waiting on a Sim Lab aluminium profile monitor stand to turn up at the end of the week which should mean a perfect setup.


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  13. Marcel Kleene

    Marcel Kleene
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  14. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    I'm not fast, but I'm wide! Staff Member Premium Member

    I see you use the tv-tray monitor stand method too! :laugh:

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