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ALT Tab`ing RBR

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Nigel Atkins, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. when i Alt Tab i cant get back to the game is there any way to fix this or do you have to run in windowed mode?

    thanks :lashes:
  2. nah, it's one of those proper old games where alt+tab just kills stuff....

    i ran it windowed - once i figured out how to get my menus to show - but it doesn't window like current games either... eg. i can run evo at native desktop res and just move the window when it starts and it looks like fullscreen.... trying the same thing with rbr ended up with either the title bar or the frigging taskbar intruding....
  3. thx Andy

    i`ll have a play around later, i only really need the alt tab to change rooms on TS. which i suppose i can do before firing up the stage :good:
  4. indeed, you don't need alt tb to fix it. The game goes out of the RBR menu and into RSC menu once you ended a stage. From there you can change TS rooms.

  5. I noticed it was annoying when someone contacts you on MSN JUST as you start the game "... The f**k!"

    Not a big issue though, I just change to the silent channel before I start a rally.