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Alonso and Massa head to training camp ahead of Ferrari launch

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by James Chant, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. James Chant

    James Chant
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    Alonso and Massa head to training camp ahead of Ferrari launch


    While Ferrari’s engineers put the finishing touches to the Italian team’s 2012 car ahead of its launch and test debut next month, drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa will be intensifying their own preparations at a pre-season training camp in the Canary Islands.

    Alonso and Massa spent Tuesday at Ferrari's base in Maranello having seat fittings in the new car and meeting team principal Stefano Domenicali and other engineers to discuss its development. They will now jet off to the island of Lanzarote for a spot of physical training, alongside Ferrari young drivers Jules Bianchi and Davide Rigon.

    The duo will return to Italy next week for the unveiling of the new car, which takes place at Fiorano on February 3. They are then expected to begin on-track preparations at the multi-team winter test at Jerez, Spain, from February 7-10.

  2. I can´t of anything in the world i would rather do then being an F1 driver...

    If they said i would not get a dime but you get to drive in F1 for as long as you like i would have just asked for a place to sleep and possibly some food but other then that, not much more i would need :)

    I know guys that are pure soccer fans, they don´t follow F1 but even they admit it would probably be the best job in the world :) Now that is saying something.
  3. Top 3 jobs in the world

    1: F1 Driver
    2: Flying a plane (amazing views)
    3: Looking after animals :D
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  4. they didnt mention Fisicella :/
  5. #3 Attenborough-style :) I could listen to him all day long, he will be missed when he passes away..

    Or do you mean like "taking care" of animals? :)
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  6. Attenborough is awesome, i mean both, having the love for animals as a whole and taking care of them.

    F1 for the speed and adrenline and the excitement, flying for the amazing views, belive me they are the best views in the world if your a pilot.

    both jobs will cost you alot of money to get started in, the best jobs in the world always means you have to invest well over 30k to fully succeed.
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