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All assists off = all assists off (except when you go off)?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Christopher Woods, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. Funny thing this - I noticed when you exceed the track boundaries, instead of being able to light the wheels up on gravel, grass or runoff area cement (and spin the car, as would happen in real life) the game attenuates your throttle input. if you give it full throttle, you can see your driver's leg pumping up and down maniacally, which looks stupid. Also, isn't it completely unrealistic?

    And, when you live dangerously and ride the kerbs out of corners, the game to me feels like it's dynamically applying Medium TC to stop you spinning out, even if it's disabled. Sure, once all four wheels are on tarmac you can spin the car round as expected, but I feel like I can keep full throttle through lower speed corners without any fear of spinning.

    I have so far only done the driver's tests and one three-lap race so far but it definitely feels 'weird' compared to what I felt was fairly realistic breakaway in 2011. I feel less need to modulate throttle input to stop a spin because the game will do it for me.

    And yes, all assists off ;-)
  2. yes it does seem like there are assist stilll on even with them turned off.you don't really have to ease back on the throttle. also i noticed in the demo the game would turn the wheel slightly at the turn in point if you missed it.
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  3. Been doing the RaceNet Singapore challenge tonight and refining my G27 setup. I'm happier with the steering response now... But the forced Traction Control assist is maddening! Let me pirouette on full throttle if I want to.

    It feels like they've done this to limit the amount of crazy cutting people can do online -- your car slows down dramatically as the throttle input's reduced, it's like you suddenly drive into a sand pit. However in real life if you go wide out of a corner, you carry the speed but take the penalty in being way off line and taking a longer route. The current arbitrary throttle limiting by the game is really annoying.

    There's only one tiny section of runoff on the Singapore track where the car will actually behave like it does in F1 2011. (I kept on finding it ;))
  4. CM did this because they somehow can't find a way to fix this:
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  5. But they do. In 2012 the times I overran a track out the game called a cut on me and invalidated the lap. (Even if in that case I actually lost time). So they do have a way to curtail cheating that does not involve a mix of TC and sandpit.

    But I have to say that if that help limit the crazy leaderboard times, I am for it even if it reduces realism. In 2011 I remember downloading some ghosts that were rocket powered.
  6. There are still plenty of places where you can exceed the track's boundaries and not have your engine cut/get your lap invalidated. And there are also plenty of people with impossible laptimes in the leaderbords :thumbsdown:
  7. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Just stay on the track, thats where the real racing happens :)
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  8. I think its a good idea, you get people who take shortcuts in races and don't loose any time, personally i would have liked the feature to be a switch you could turn on or off where if you do jump the same corner to many times you get an immidiate black flag (end of your race). As Bram said the real racing happens on the track, no need to be off the track in less a mistake happens or you are trying to cheat.
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  9. if you watched monza, they ran wide coming on to the back straight all the time. which is completely legal.
  10. Guys this is endless discussion! This is RACEDEPARTMENT.COM where cutting and extending track limitations are PROHIBITED EVEN IF THE GAME ALLOWS IT. Read the rules. In almost all games/sims you can cut but this cutting could lead to revoked lisence. Licesed members are fair drivers and they don't cut or go wide. They don't complain about the posibility of cutting the track cause they know the rules. Am I right?
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  11. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    They are allowed to run wide there... It's the only place though.
  12. I can't speak for other people, but I'm not talking about cutting to gain an advantage. If I go off somewhere like Pouhon at Spa (which I do frequently, it's one of my "bogey" corners) I will never use it to gain a speed advantage. However it's nice to maintain the flow and pace so you can reenter the track at speed to take the next corner at normal pace. If you end up coming back onto the track very slowly from a fast corner, you pose a danger to other drivers who have taken the corner OK as their approach speed will be MUCH faster.

    It's very frustrating when I'm doing time trials and I go off on a corner just before the start/finish straight -- I don't mind it invalidating my lap time (this is exactly what should happen!) but I've lost all my momentum and speed to begin the next lap. This would not happen in real life, if a car goes off its time is invalidated but it can do the next lap as normal.

    Racing round Singapore, I think at the moment the penalties are slightly TOO severe. There were plenty of times I was penalised for going off the track if I outbraked myself, even though I had to come to a complete stop, REVERSE BACK ONTO TRACK and re-take the corner. I've gained absolutely no advantage but the game still penalises me.

    The game knows exactly how much throttle input I'm giving and the velocity of the car, it should have a cleverer system. A great system would be that it penalises you if you cut a chicane (for example) and you don't brake & reduce your speed enough to not gain an advantage. If you straight-lined the same chicane at full throttle (or without braking), it should of course invalidate the lap time.

    The 2012 penalty system is so far still too much of a 'blunt implement', it feels too severe even for the tiniest of mistakes that gain you no advantage. What might otherwise be an "ok" lap time become invalid -- and in real life, this wouldn't happen.
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  13. Same here with me. I hate it so much if someone is cutting to gain advantage but on the other side it is so frustrating, that the game takes the control away from me without (as far as I know) even being able to shut that off. I had it at Melbourne turn 4 - I run wide on the exit so the lap was basically destroyed ... ok, but then it is so hard to estimate how much you can be on the throttle, when getting back on the track. So as I got back on track I got suddenly too much wheel spin and crashed the car. That is so unnecessary and annoying! I want to control the car at all times and everywhere on the circuit ... in the pits and so on ...!!
  14. Yet another point, if you read the rules its not allowed for re-entering the track after a spin, running wide etc in less the track is clear or where you re-enter is not going to pose a threat to anyone elses race.

    If in a general online race (not run by RD) then thats a different story, however i race exactly the same online be it a RD race or a normal online race. I hit someone that causes them to spin i will wait and let them retake there place, if they ram me all the time then i will be more aggressive, but i will be fair aswell.

    Lets say you are on a in lap and going do the start and finish straight after setting your best time of the day and you have backed off to save your tyres because your on a in lap. You figured you had enough speed to get into turn 1 and out again without effecting the car behind (who is just starting his/her flying lap). But you was wrong and you suddenly realise this, but you are already in the braking zone. What would you do?

    I know for a fact i would pull right off the track, even if that ment i would be cutting the corner. Since i am on a in lap i won't gain any time, but at the sametime i don't want to ruin someone flying lap. This is a fair move and doesn't break the rules, however lets change the role and say you was also starting a flying lap. You enter turn 1 with someone breathing down your rear wing under braking into turn 1. But for the sake of it we will say you miss timed your braking and ran wide cutting the corner. Now you have gained some time, what are you going to do?

    F1 2012, punishes you now for that, you are slown down, so no time is gained but also your lap is now ruined aswell. So it should be because in the above example, had you slown down a little after cutting the corner how much do you slow down by and for how long. Can you honestly say you are still able to post a time without that cutting effecting your lap time in a posative way. In real life a driver runs wide or cuts a corner on there flying lap they don't continue to push, they back off and try again the following lap or after they have been into the pits.
  15. In most Belgian GPs the most position changes happen OUTSIDE the first corner of the first lap. During wet races there's not a lap, when someone doesn't go outside the track there. That's why they made the runoff area so wide and covered it with tarmac.
    Yet, if you go outside there in the game, the driver starts "pumping" with his right leg like a hillbilly in a farm dance.
  16. The video provided by Victor speaks for itself. Although I feel your pain, Christopher, I feel they have had to make a valid compromise. Even racing against people online on the 2011 game there would be people off the track nonstop.
    Taking the wider line may be a little longer in distance, but the speed carried through that corner and the obscene exit speeds makes the ability to stray off track a clear advantage. I, like you play with assists off. When I went off track last year it would be tough for me to gain an advantage.. But the traction control people wouldn't even notice being off track.
    I could make a similar argument for the steering system on the pad. To me, the steering doesn't feel at all unassisted. It is what it is though..

    When I have strayed off track, I get ****ed over more often than I get helped. The trick is to stay on the track.
  17. There are warnings and penalties for cutting, so no need to auto-brake the car.

    If it's not enough, give more/heavier penalties or disqualify the driver.

    All four wheels off track (white lines) + advantage (time/speed/positions) = penalty.

    Too many warnings or penalties = disqualification.

    It's just that easy... (and that's actually what the game does in fact, "double penalty"). ;)
  18. Bump

    Have you experienced treading that extra fine line between auto brake zone and actual racing track? It's awful, the touch a little and then the auto brake kills everything and conclusively sends me into a spin.

    It's this uncontrolled jerk of auto brake + weirdass auto throttle control because you're most likely to be on full press anyway. (Happens to me alot of fast understeering corners)

    Next up, auto brake lockup.

    Liek d00d, you can punish me with every time penalty there is but not wasting my tires because the auto brake is a douche to not include ABS, even if it was possible to do the same on the track, without messing up the tyres.

    Yeongam exposed this alot. :<
  19. I hate it at Spa in particular. If you go too wide at Pouhon, you're already punished by taking the way longer route and possibly sliding in the runoff area, not to mention having crappy exit speed. There's no way in hell that going outside the track in that corner is might give you an unfair advantage.
    Add some unrealistic autobraking in the mix, and you've got yourself a recipe for frustration...
  20. I don't know what you guys are talking about.

    Although I agree that it's annoying at times, it teaches you to be precise.

    I'll give you an example here. So, on xbox we still haven't had any patches. There's a glitch on Catalunya which allows for you to drive completely off track, missing out the tricky slow chicane before the last corner. If there was a system in place that allowed for you to get away with slight cuts provided your lap times weren't affected too much, then I'll show you the flaw.
    If I start in first, I get to the above corner and cut it on the first lap, as far as the game is concerned, when I do it again on the next lap I wouldn't technically gain an advantage on my previous lap time even though I've gained 5 seconds at least on my opponents. Same goes for any corner. If I'm allowed to take the corner after the big straight at South Korea at 80mph, run wide and keep my foot in it or cut a corner, so long as I do it every lap I wouldn't really be gaining any speed advantage to the easily manipulated video game.

    You just need to slow the **** down. I like trying to be on the edge, but there's a time and place for it. Qually, yes. But, like in real F1, racing is more of an endurance/strategic race than anything. It's all about accuracy and efficiency. I could pick an ultra fast setup that burns tyres quickly, or a more conservative setup helping with consistency. It's all about how much you're willing to push it..
    I could try taking Pouhon in 6th gear, helping my corner exit, or I could slam it down an extra gear to ensure my grip/ability to stay on the racing line for the entire corner. I find that in cockpit view, I always know when I'm going into a corner too fast. Sometimes I can rectify it, sometimes I can't. But, either way, it teaches me to keep my car on the track (like a real formula 1 driver would)

    If you want to drive like complete cocks, then go and play on F1 2011. Fuggin simple