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AIW warmup lap problem

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Eric Tozer, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. I'm having a problem with my AIW setup.

    I've pretty much finished it but still need to tweak my fast path to make it faster.

    Anyway the problem i am having is that when i start a race (grid start) the cars all do a warmup lap but they don't grid up again.
    They just keep doing warmup laps.
    If i hit space then they grid up & the race starts but i need them to grid up after one warmup lap.

    Any clues ??
  2. Sounds like their laps aren't registering properly, check to make sure your xsectors are big enough and cover the full width of your track.
    Also make sure your grid positions are not overlapping the xfinish or your pitin pitout are not extending onto the track.
  3. Nope that aint it.
    There's no overlaps & all the lap times seem to be working fine.
    I tried moving the pit in pit out well away from the track but it made no difference.

    Is it possible that this won't work correctly until i have some start lights in??
  4. Startlights are not needed for it to work.
    All your grid positions done in AI editor, it really sounds like something is missing when you did the AIW, I could have a look for you if you want but that means I would need a copy of your track, if you want me to check it just PM me here and I'll check it out for you.
    Either that or go through the whole AIW setup again being careful to do everything and in order.
  5. Thanks for the offer RT.
    I will go over the AI one more time to check if i have missed something.
    I will also upload it somewhere & PM you the link.
    Give me a week or so.
  6. sounds like they aren't gridding up because they can't find one of the xsectors.

    in rfactor , press enter until the split times screen is show to see if they are going through the xsectors in order. xsector1,xsector2,xsector3(xfinish). one could be slightly missed especially if the xsector is slightly angled.
  7. I tried the track I have in progress and everything (sectors, pits, grid, etc) seems work fine. But I also see the formation lap issue if I choose a formation start.

    The bit of the AIW I know I haven't done is the left path, although I'm not sure if my aux 1 and 2 positions are right for the safety car either. It could therefore be related to either of these things.
  8. The left path is the path used by the left car on a formation lap. If you haven't made it, then I'd guess the editor hasn't been able to make the waypoint connection from the path to the grid slot, so they are driving straight past instead of pulling over.

    AFAIK the pace car isn't used on a formation lap - it isn't on my track anyway. Try a rolling start if you want to check if the positions are ok.
  9. there your problem, left line is for the rolling starts.

    just go around slowly,sticking to the lefthand side if the track. and it will resolve that.

    Aux position:
    aux position 1: after the start line
    aux position 2: is in the pits area

  10. I think i know what the problem is.
    Not so long ago i had to move my start line back by 100 metres or so.
    I re did my grid spots & aux positions but i think i have upset the AI gods.

    It's a fickle thing the AIW & I'm guessing it doesn't like these sort of changes.

    I guess i will just go back in & start it AGAIN............. :freaked-out:

    At least i can copy all my grid & pit spots.

    Thanks for your help everyone.
  11. I hope it all works out ok this time.

    Doing the AI does get quicker each time though. I know that from painful experience! :thinking: